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    It's not the targeting…Code not firing with Creation Complete & Composition Ready.

    Matt McFaul Level 1

      I have found that addressing elements and symbols within the Stage-related events 'Creation Complete' or 'Composition Ready' does not work.
      The simplest setup, like an ellipse on the stage, named 'Ellipse' will not respond to this:



      but this same code WILL work as a 'Trigger @ 0ms' event.


      The example that seems to nail it, is that a function that delays the actions just slightly, WILL work;


      setInterval(function(){sym.$("Ellipse").hide();}, 0);


      That's asking Edge to wait ZERO seconds before it does the action, but it works where the action on it's own will not.
      This is true of targeting symbols as well and took ages for me to realise my targeting was not the issue.

      It is as if Edge is not yet ready to target elements after these events - but both event names suggest otherwise.

      Is there an event (other than triggers) at the start of an Edge project that WILL allow this kind of targeting?