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    Problem with keyframing masks (rotoscoping) CC 2014


      When trying to rotocope footage in the new cc 2014, i'm having an issue where if I don't keyframe the mask in sequential order down the timeline, the mask stops responding to the keyframes.


      example: I draw a mask at frame 1, then make a keyframe. I then go down the timeline to say frame 15, and adjust the mask making another keyframe. Now if i go back and adjust the keyframe on frame 8 the masks animate in the viewport, but the actual alpha channel that the mask is creating does not animate. The same happens if i have a couple keyframes and try to adjust the feather setting out of order.


      Is anyone else expierencing this? Or have any clue what new setting I need to change, or if its some sort of bug?


      any help would be greatly appreciated