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    Help with hand wave effect


      Hey so I am really new to AE and the community and figured I could come here for some help with something I am trying to accomplish.


      I have been a long time final cut user but have never really needed to use AE for my work.


      Anyway, what I am trying to accomplish is a shot where I have a hand wearing a watch on the table, and the camera is steady directly above it looking down. Then I want the other hand of the person wearing the watch to come into the frame and wave over top of the watch and it changes color. I have two watches that are exactly the same, but just different colors. I presume I will need two shots, identical ones with each different color of watch. I need help creating this effect. I presume it is rather easy to accomplish...but I'm still really new like I said


      Also, I know that this could just be done with the hand wave covering the whole frame of the shot, but I only want it to be a small part. Only the watch needs to change colors, the wrist and background should look almost untouched.


      I hope I am explaining myself clearly enough.


      If anyone has some advice or something like a video I could follow that would be greatly appreciated.


      Let me know!



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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You are talking about layers. One watch on the bottom layer, the other watch on the next layer and the footage of the hand waving over the watch on the top layer. You roto (key or mask) the hand layer so you can see the other layers through it and then you simply cut from one shot to the other when the hand obscures the watch. This is easier than trying to shoot exactly the same hand passing over movement for both shots. If your footage is extremely well framed up you may be able to just cut between the two shots as the hand passes over the watch, but, it's highly unlikely that the hand will be in exactly the same position. You can cheat a bit with rotation, position and scale, but I would probably go with the first option.

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            Dave LaRonde Level 7

            Depending on how the watch is colored, you may also be able to change the color of the watch as the hand passes over it.  Check the Change Color and Change To Color effects.