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    hide and show

    smenegassi Level 1



      I was trying to hide an element for the last two hours... changing computers and browsers. Easy isn't it ?

      Well it didn't work till I took my command : sym.$("message").hide(); from creationComplete into compositionReady.

      In compositionReady it works.


      Can anyone in this word, please, tell me what is the difference in between creationComplete and compositionReady ?

      thank you


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          resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP
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            smenegassi Level 1

            Thank you resdesign,


            but it is very confusing. You mean I have an address problem ?

            My symbol is on the stage and I only want to hide it.

            I don't know why it works when the command hide() is on compositionReady and it doesn't work when it  in creationComplete

            I still don't see the difference in between them. I don't find anything about it on the Edge Animate javascript API

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              resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              To quote Elaine Finnell,

              compositionReady is an event that is run once at the beginning of the composition's load phase.  creationComplete is run when a symbol has completed loading.  Since the Stage is a symbol, it has a creationComplete event as well.

              or by same Elaine:

              All symbols have a creationComplete event, including the Stage (which is itself just a big symbol).  documentReady only fires when the page is loaded, but the Animate events (creationComplete, compositionReady) will only fire after the Animate runtime is loaded.  If I were to hazard a semi-educated guess, I'd say that documentReady likely will fire before the Animate runtime events, though you might hit a race condition where both of them will fire at about the same time.

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                smenegassi Level 1

                Thank you.

                I still don't see why I couldn't hide my symbol. but thanks for your explanation. I'll have to dig a little more on the subject.

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                  jbowden Adobe Employee

                  Hi all,


                  Actually, the Animate runtime is loaded before the compositionReady event fires - that's the difference between HTML document.ready and Animate compositionReady events.


                  Regarding the events mentioned in this thread, here's the order in which they are loaded in the browser:

                  1. symbol creationComplete
                  2. Stage creationComplete (because the Stage symbol contains all child symbols)
                  3. Stage compositionReady


                  For tasks like styling or hide/show elements in the composition, compositionReady is the event to use as it fires after all symbols have been created.




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                    smenegassi Level 1

                    I just saw it now. Thank you all.

                    ... I'am beginning to see the light ! :