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    AS power

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      Can I get some functionality like c++ etc for file reading/writing,getting
      sytem specific iformation like current boot drive,current path,
      and opening folders in AS 2.0 or 3.0 .

      Please answer definitly.
      Thanks In Advance.

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          neeks Level 1
          there are industry tools available for this purpose like MDM Zinc, NorthCode Inc.'s SWF Studio, Screentimes' mProjector and many more.

          These are also called swf 2 exe softwares, projector wrappers etc.
          I only know about Zinc and mProjector to have released versions compatible with Flash CS3 and AS 3.0. But, both are still in beta versions.

          Director too can be used as a powerful wrapper for swf files, but unfortunately it too doesnt support Flash CS3 and AS3.0 as of now.

          so if you are to support AS2 and Flash 8
          you are welcome to use these above tools.
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            neeks Level 1
            you can read an old comparison of all the major ones available at the following url:


            also note that tools which support FLASH 9 or CS3 files may not necessarily support AS3.0 which is a part of Flash9 too.
            This only means that they support only the content created in Flash9, so its possible to use flash 9 files with AS2 with these tools