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    Widgets a Gone Gone

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      I want to sue Adobe in a class action lawsuit for antitrust violations implemented with this forced cloud update...Anyone want to join? I purchased my CS6 MASTER SUITE less then 6 months ago because I don't believe in leasing software via "The Cloud" BS! However, since my last Air update I can no longer access my widget browser. I get a bogus error that says It can't connect to the server to log in and to check the connection. My internet functions fine, otherwise I wouldn't be able to log in and post this comment/question. So  I'm left to believe that this is a deliberate action by Adobe to force people into the cloud. Furthermore, when I try to contact support it seems that Adobe has completely dissolved any real support functions and left that in the hands of it's fine community of PISSED OFF users...thanks Adobe!. So specifically to my problem. I'm designing a web site for a web series (I know, the irony) and it's at 90% completion. I'm trying to add my lightbox widget which I had already downloaded and installed moths ago and SURPRISE SURPRISE...it's not there. In fact none of my widgets are there! Does anybody know a work around for this issue because it seems you can't download the widgets independently from any legitimate web source, and I don't do torrents on my system. I am a freelance editor and graphic designer so this is a nuisance I don't have time to deal with. Any help from this community will be greatly appreciated! Additionally If someone from Adobe should happen to read this know that I am very serious about filing a law suite. It is fraudulent to sell a product for thousands of dollars and then remove all the tools associated with the use of that product! So either someone there is either going to A. provide a viable solution other then converting and paying for the cloud on top of what I already paid, B. issue me a full refund for my purchase since it's utter isles if I can't access the tools I need to do my job, or C. prepare for the social media onslaught and legal petitions from other consumers and uses just like me whose rights you've violated!


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