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    Export JPG at 100% is reducing the pixel dimensions ??

    Lightning adman

      Im using the most up to date Lightroom (5.5) on a Mac running os 10.9.4.




      In the not too distant past (i've only been using Lightroom since April)  I have been able to export my processed images to full sized jpegs.  This refers to the physical dimensions....not the amount of data.




      Now i cannot figure out why, but Lightroom has started to shrink my jpegs. My test image  was 4665x4000 pixels and a month ago Lightroom exported the jpg at exactly those dimensions.  Since then something has changed (probably an update!) and when i now try to export the same image its reducing the output dimensions to 1985x1702 !!




      My export settings are set to jpeg 100% Quality,  resize options are switched off. Limit File size is switched off.


      I have trashed the Lightroom and Photoshop prefs.




      Whats going on??




      I need to export these files at full dimensions but Lightroom seems to be ignoring its own settings!