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    UIScrollBar component funky when in external swf

      I hope I can describe this problem good enough.

      I have a dynamic text field that is set with html text upon running.

      I have a UIScrollBar compenent matched to that dynamic text field.

      When testing this swf by itself, everything works perfectly.

      I am using flash professional 8.

      The trouble comes when I load that swf inside a main swf.

      The swf loads just fine, but the scrollbar is having some issues.

      When dragging the thumb down the text field does not scroll all the way to the bottom of the text.

      Upon my own debugging I have found out one thing that may be helpfull.

      I created an event handler of the scrollbar's "scroll" event.

      The only thing that the handler does when the UI scroll thumb is dragged, is trace the current scroll position of the scroll bar.

      When testing the external swf by itself, the scrolling works normally and scrolls all the way to scroll position 39.

      However when the swf is loaded within another swf, the scroll bar can only be dragged to position 36.

      It will also only scroll to position 36 when pressing the down button on the UIScrollBar.

      Another interesting thing is that it will scroll all the way to the bottom if the mouse is held over the textfield and the mouse scroll ball is used to scroll down.

      Does anyone have any idea as to why this happens and what direction I should head in to fix it?