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    Problems with Premiere Elements 12


      I've been using Adobe's "Elements" applications since Vs 3.0. Each release seems to include undocumented features that cause problems, and don't get fixed until a next major release, for which we are charged a tidy sum.


      "Premiere 12" and its associated "Organizer" are no exceptions. Background:


      1. FINALLY am running a new PC considering I'm using AVCHD "m2ts" file formats generated by Sony HD Camcorder, for which previous PC and versions of Adobe Premiere Elements (8, 10, etc.) were fairly sluggish with their performance. New PC: Windows 8.1, 32GB RAM, >7TB HDD space, Intel i7 CPU, GIGABYTE MB, NVIDIA GeForec GTX 770 Video Adapter...plenty of computing power!


      2. Installed Photoshop/Premiere Elements/Organizer on C: drive, default locations.


      3. Experienced following problems, for which several have been kind enough to offer suggestions for repair, but none so far have worked.


           a. When adding "text" captions, after a few have been created the control panel for text loses contact with the "Style" and "Effects" modules, making these capabilities non-functional.


           b. When creating menus for discs, the DVD menu navigation operates correctly, but the Blu-ray menus do not. The "Stop" markers, while functional for DVDs, are not functional for Blu-ray discs. When a video is played that encounters a "stop" marker with a DVD build, the end action is properly realized with the main menu then making a reappearance, allowing one to make the next choice. When a video is played through to encounter a "stop" marker with a Blu-ray build, the video does NOT return to the main menu, but rather continues playing into the 2nd movie (or beyond) until it reaches the absolute end of content on the disc...at which time we are then returned to the main menu. Finally reading the manual, it indicates that this is a problem! FIX!?


           c. "Organizer," which works with both Premiere and Photoshop Elements, is highly unstable when working with AVCHD files, while it performs "normally" with still images (photos, etc.). I have over 4,000 AVCHD (m2ts) video clips that I was attempting to bring into Organizer. My first attempt was to let Organizer "see" all of the files and to "bring them into" its catalog. However, after a short period of time, with less than 100 or so video clips identified and thumbnailed, Organizer either stops working and hangs, or crashes totally. I found that to get these 4,000 files into Organizer I had to manually pick around 50 or so files at a time, which Organizer seems able to begin its "first stage" of identifying, creates "placeholders" in the Organizer's screen, then crashes or hangs. At that point, I must restart Organizer, which will then continue on to successfully build thumbnails. This process was repeated until all 4,000+ files were recognized and ID'd. Regarding this issue: I just updated my "Nero" to "Nero 2014 Platinum," which comes with its own "Organizer" or "Media Manager." it is VERY similar in nature to Adobe's "Organizer," with one major difference...IT WORKS! Nero's manager imported not only the 4,000+ AVCHD files into its catalog, but rumaged around my entire system finding photos and video files I'd long since forgotten about! I've not yet used the new Nero video editing/production tools, but won't be surprized if I find that all works equally as well.


      Not having any "fixes" for these problems, I find I am forced to use other applications (Vegas 12, Pinnacle 17, or perhaps now "Nero" as well) to get on with our production work. Note: I had been using Adobe Premiere 6.0, then CS-4, for a while but with changes in OSs found that these products as well evolved with issues of their own. Not going to spend the big bucks to purchase more expensive problems that don't otherwise get addressed without spending even more $$$ for the next major updates!





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          Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

          Moving this discussion to the Premiere Elements forum.

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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            It sounds like your post is more a feature request (or rant) directed to Adobe than a petition for help from fellow users (as indicated by demands like "FIX!").


            If so, you shouldn't be posting to the forums. You should be writing to Adobe.


            But if there's something specific you've got a question about, we're glad to help.

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              a. When adding "text" captions, after a few have been created the control panel for text loses contact with the "Style" and "Effects" modules, making these capabilities non-functional.


              Good news. You may be the first one I am sharing this with. Adobe has just released the Premiere Elements 12.1 Update which is short on exactly what it is supposed to be correcting, other than the generic "stability and performance". Problems with editing Styles once created in Expert workspace is a known issue with the only fix (user to user) being. The problem does that exist in the Quick workspace. The user to user fix is to toggle between Expert and Quick workspaces for the Style edits. I installed the 12.1 and that the Styles issue appears gone. Please give it a try if this is part of this problem. I just posted a thread here on this.


              But, you will need to elaborate on "loses contact with the "Effects" module. I have not seen that.


              As for your comments about the Elements Organizer 12. I do not use it to the extent that you have so I will decline major comments on that aspect of your Premiere Elements concerns. But, even in my limited use of the Elements Organizer 12, I have observed it to run into problems which require deletion of the settings file and/or creating a new catelog. I have not seen any of that changed going from 12 to the 12.1 Update.


              b. When creating menus for discs, the DVD menu navigation operates correctly, but the Blu-ray menus do not. The "Stop" markers, while functional for DVDs, are not functional for Blu-ray discs. When a video is played that encounters a "stop" marker with a DVD build, the end action is properly realized with the main menu then making a reappearance, allowing one to make the next choice. When a video is played through to encounter a "stop" marker with a Blu-ray build, the video does NOT return to the main menu, but rather continues playing into the 2nd movie (or beyond) until it reaches the absolute end of content on the disc...at which time we are then returned to the main menu. Finally reading the manual, it indicates that this is a problem! FIX!?


              It has been a known issue for Premiere Elements versions that stop markers do not function in the playback of Premiere Elements burn to Blu-ray disc format

              on Blu-ray disc. Recent Adobe documents have acknowledged this fact whereas earlier ones did not. There is no fix other to to export your Timeline content to a file saved to the computer hard drive and then use 3rd party software to burn to Blu-ray disc format on Blu-ray disc with menus.


              I have tried to address your concerns. But, from what you have written, you have made your production decisions based on what has been working or not working for you.


              If you wish to revisit any of your Premiere Elements issues, please let us know. If not, best wishes with your alternative video editing choices moving forward.



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                ColoradoGeorge Level 1





                Thank you for your kind and timely response! I appreciate very much your efforts to see these products from Adobe “be all they can be!”




                I’ve just downloaded the referenced update, and will give Premiere Elements 12 another shot. Interesting “user to user” fix, but hey…whatever works! Hoping Adobe will step up to the plate and do the right thing…fix these sorts of problems “properly” when pointed out by users instead of waiting for a new major upgrade.




                By “loses contact” I mean that while editing caption text, after having creating the “textual” elements of the caption, that the companion tabs to “Style” and “Effects” have become non-functional…they’re dead, period.




                Re “Organizer:” I’ve both deleted the “User” file as you’ve suggested AND created new catalogs…neither results in a repair to its problems. As I mentioned earlier, Nero’s “Organizer” (Platinum 2014) works just fine, experienced NO problems using it, so the comfort here is in knowing that my hardware is not beyond reach for software, and is functional. I simply do NOT understand why Adobe lets their products continue in this fashion. Again, Adobe’s “Organizer” works OK with still images (JPG, etc.). It’s as if Adobe has tried to make “organizer” work with Premiere as well with dual-shared  functionality between Photoshop and Premiere Elements (a good idea), but having seen to it originally that Organizer worked with Photoshop…stopped short at verifying functionality with Premiere.




                Re “Menu” issues: Yes, I discovered in the Premiere PDF manual the note that their menu (stop marker) doesn’t work with Blu-ray discs. The Premiere 12 menu system, however, does work with DVD burns. OK…if it is known to the extent that they will highlight this problem in their manual, why on earth don’t they fix this problem? Unconscionable! As I mentioned earlier, I imported my Premiere 12 generated video clips (two of them, 4min and 11min in duration) into Pinnacle 17, built a menu around these two clips, and successfully generated a Blu-ray disc with functional menu systems. Again, my hardware and OS seems to be functional in this respect…so put the problems on Adobe Premiere’s software.




                It has been challenging, but interesting, to work with 4 different NLE applications in search of just ONE that has NO issues from beginning to end with video productions. I’ve opted for entry-level,  mid-level, and high-level video applications over the years, with most working OK until the advent of HD video. HD video has challenged our hardware and the ability of those who write the software to create that one “perfect” application…which to date we’ve yet to experience. I continue in awe of “reviewers” who publish articles on-line and in magazines who seem to never discover these problems during their testing of products and authoring of results, leaving us “users” to discover these problems on our own.




                So far, both Adobe Premiere Elements and Nero’s NLE applications have similar “stop marker” problems when generating Blu-ray menus. Pinnacle 17, while having other issues since its release (but now with slow fixes showing up along the way) is able to generate a proper Blu-ray menu and disc. I believe Vegas Pro 12 has also generated proper Blu-ray menus via its DVD Architect companion application, but must test again as I’ve just imported the same two Adobe Premiere 12-generated video files into Vegas’ DVD Architect and encountered errors during menu creation…not seen ‘til now.




                Thank you again for your feedback…still much appreciated!





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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  Thanks for sharing your observations on your video projects.


                  The information on programs that do and do not support stop markers in the Blu-ray playback

                  was good to know.


                  As always, best wishes



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                    ColoradoGeorge Level 1

                    I’ve seen through the years how applications having similar functionalities and objectives but sold by different companies under different lables seem to include modules that appear to have been generated by a 3rd party. IF that 3rd party module has problems, these problems then are perpetuated throughout the community via these different applications. IF Adobe is using such a 3rd party menu-disc-burning module, and IF it would be the same module as put in use by, for example, Nero, then this would account for the common issues seen between different applications. Not a conspiracy advocate, but it is a curious situation.





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                      ColoradoGeorge Level 1

                      OK! Where’s the help?





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                        the_wine_snob Level 9



                        The authoring module in PrE is common, to a degree, with Adobe Encore's. Those modules were licensed from the creator/© holder, Sonic. Those are the Sonic AuthorCore modules. Now that Sonic has been sold to Rovi, and seeing as how their development of the AuthorCore modules have been ceased, I am not sure what the history of authoring in PrE might be. Adobe has discontinued Encore because of that purchase, and the ceasation of development. Rovi is heavily invested in the delivery of streaming media, and claim that delivery by physical discs is dead.


                        I do not know about other programs, such as Nero, Gear, Sony, and others. They might also use some of those Sonic modules, or perhaps found a way around those. I know that Roxio was involved with Sonic at a point in the past, but do not know if they are still a player. Maybe others will be able to fill in the blanks.



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                          ColoradoGeorge Level 1





                          YES! It WAS Sonic that I’d suspicioned was at the core of these issues in the past. I’d run into problems a few years ago with various versions of “Creator,” “Roxio,” etc. as well as another similar products, and found “Sonic” to be the common denominator with all similar problems. I had NO idea that Adobe had also chosen to implement a 3rd party’s product (Sonic) as part of their offerings! Well, that says a lot!




                          Also did NOT know that Sonic had been sold off to Rovi! Searching the internet…shows this was a big deal back in 2010! Hadn’t been following these things! Looks like Rovi is out to capture the world…would be a nefarious event indeed if they fail to maintain what Sonic has sold to various entities which have incorporated their modules into the various products we continue to own and purchase today!




                          I don’t know which cave or rock that Rovi’s been living under, or which marketing outfit they’d signed up with that provided the evaluation that Rovi appears to be reacting to, but we at least are still engaged in sending off videos around the world via DVD/Blu-ray media (and on rare occasions, VHS tape!). Their assessment that delivery of video by physical disc is dead is either wishful thinking or badly mistaken in my opinion. Try, worst case, supplying a video to a person living on an island off of Queensland, Australia, for example, who has NO internet connectivity!




                          I know that streaming is a big deal (Netflix, etc.), and that the new buzzword “Cloud” has taken over a lot of the computing world’s philosophy of late…but neither of these “new” ideas are implemented to the extent they would like to believe…and are the domain of mostly “new” users living in areas where these technologies are available. They are cutting off a vast number of video watchers who employ neither of these technologies nor have access to them, who, believe it or not, are still using VHS video tape, DVDs, and/or Blu-ray media to watch videos! The relatively small percentage of individuals who use (can afford, or have access to) either streaming or the cloud does not justify not taking care of business and dropping support for all these products that implement their procured technologies.




                          I for one have great/fast access to the Internet (50Mbps +), but really am not of the mindset that I trust uploading/saving critical data to the “Cloud,” and do not do so…even though Microsoft’s latest “Window 8.1” and several other procured applications provide plenty of opportunity to do so! I think the latest stories re Hacking proves this point…and I have experienced the loss of stored data (websites) over the years via professional website hosting facilities to the point where I know I don’t yet trust the “cloud” to be the repository of my data either…a service which cannot guarantee either the presence or security of data!




                          I do also enjoy Netflix’s streaming technology…even though there are occasions whereby a movie is interrupted to buffer additional video data. Sometimes much more frequently than I would appreciate! So…streaming is also not the end all of video watching either! OK…I have rented a DVD or two in the past from Netflix which had been scratched or badly handled, which also provided aggravation as well!




                          So long as the industry continues to sell the technology of the day to us consumers who invest in their products, and so long as industry will do what they do best…to continue refining and upgrading capabilities, they must also continue to provide the “cross over” technologies, the continued support that would span at least a few generations of video products that will allow us to continue viewing videos obtained at an earlier time. Right now we see VHS tape is already at its end of life usefulness…and yet there remains support for converting such media. We also see the vast majority of products purporting to support DVD and Blu-ray builds…the latest of video products…and yet, the underpinnings of these applications appears to be diminishing already…




                          Thanks so much for the feedback and update and the opportunity to vent! Do we know how Adobe is/will be reacting to these events? Will they spend the bucks to come up with their own code to replace that which is not supported any longer by 3rd parties?





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                            ColoradoGeorge Level 1

                            Bill Hunt: As a result of your feedback I've done some more research into these problems, and found helpful info at:




                            It appears now that the "Roxio" division has been sold by Rovi to Corel, which has been acquiring many established applications we've used over the years, including "Pinnacle" products. Is it coincidental that I was just able to burn a Blu-ray disc with functional menus using "Pinnacle Studio 17 Ultimate," which just recently published updates/patches to this heretofore bug-ridden application when it came to "Exporting" videos to Blu-ray disc? There may be hope!

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                              the_wine_snob Level 9



                              I do not look upon what you have written as a "vent." I agree with everything 100%, as do many loyal users of Adobe Encore. Much of what you have said has been written in these forums, though not so well. We (I and many, many more) feel that physical delivery of video is not yet dead, and that streaming, while becoming the accepted norm, is not yet ready for "prime time."


                              Sony tried a move, that has some similarities, when they won the battle between BD and HD-DVD. Their idea was that all producers of DVD's were pirates - other than the Hollywood studios. They wanted to have complete control over all BD production around the world, and fought to keep others from even selling BD burners, or BD authoring software, other than a few select, and licensed replication houses. They came very close in that goal. Unfortunately for them, and for the industry, as a whole, they effectively were killing their "golden cow," and one that they worked so hard to have adopted. Those efforts have effectively meant that BD never really took off, as DVD-Video had, a decade, or two before. Sales of BD continue to lag far behind DVD-Video, and even for blockbuster Hollywood titles. Sony won a big battle, but, in the process, seem to be loosing the war.


                              Streaming media delivery IS eating into the sales of DVD's, but not yet with numbers that spell the death of DVD-Video. Yeah, it's out there somewhere, but until the world is wired for T-6 speeds, it will be slower than many had initially predicted.


                              I do not know what the Rovi move will mean for PrE. I do know that the move effectively killed my favorite authoring program, Encore, but I still have four editions of it, up until the last, CS6, and will just use those.


                              I still cannot get updated info on Sonic's Scenarist, the "gold-standard" in authoring software for full commercial operations. The basic software was about US $50K, and the full (Sony certified) HD version, with all modules, was about US $150K, with Sony selling the rights to produce "certified" titles for replication at about US $50K per title! I anticipate seeing Scenarist fall by the wayside too, 'cause there ain't no Sonic no more...


                              The reason that Adobe, and others, went with the Sonic AuthorCore modules is that Sonic owned the rights to most of all technology to author DVD's, and then BD's. Rather than reinvent the wheel, they just bought what they needed for their programs, and wrapped those Sonic modules in an abstraction layer, i.e. what the user sees. I imagine that it will be a licensing nightmare, and that development by Rovi has ceased 100%. Not sure how that will affect Adobe, and others, regarding the AuthorCore, that their software is based on? We will have to wait to find out.


                              I am glad that I have retired, as much of this only affects me, as a consumer now - but I am still set up to author BD's and DVD's for myself, so will sit on the sidelines and watch the show - I no longer have a dog in that hunt.


                              Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and adding your voice to the choir, that wants maintenance of the old status quo.



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                                the_wine_snob Level 9



                                I was unaware of Corel's involvement. Thanks for sharing that news.


                                I knew Pinnacle, pre-AVID days, and then knew AVID (up the food chain a bit), before I moved to Adobe for Video and authoring. I do have several Corel products, and all started out as something else, i.e. WordPerfect, Painter, etc.


                                I love those products, and just overlook that Corel is now behind them.





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                                  ColoradoGeorge Level 1

                                  It appears then that these issues are not just limited to our "affordable" home video products, but reach all the way into higher level applications ($$$) as well! Sad...but in some strange way...comforting to learn that we're not alone!


                                  I started off using ULEAD's video Studio Pro package after using an entry-level Pinnacle Studio application (which worked great, by the way). I then invested in the full-up Pinnacle Edition Vs 5, which exposed me to Adobe Premiere 6.0, which was part of their package that included capture board, external connector box, etc. along with a host of additional supportive applications. Pre-Pinnacle/Avid days. All of this worked well...until HD video arrived on scene, and OSs were upgraded on a regular bases. I knew Adobe Premiere was at the top of the heap of NLE apps, and finally purchased CS4...which also had problems. Updating OS to Windows 8.1 lost my ability to run CS4, and not willing to invest in more problems stuck with Adobe Elements...which has worked well also...until HD Video, and Blu-ray discs! Will keep the faith, and hope for better from Adobe!


                                  In the meantime...depending upon which functionality I'm looking for, it appears that I'll be jumping back and forth between 3-4 different NLE apps to get what I want in a final video. Found the same to be true using graphic editing apps...Painter, PhotoImpact, Corel Draw, Paint, etc. etc. Not one would do all, but many would provide different capabilities that when used collectively I could get the results I wanted!


                                  Thank you for the interesting insight to these issues...I've now a better appreciation for what's been going on behind the scenes, and have a better understanding as to why we're seeing all these problems. I just hope that cool and understanding heads prevail, and work together to fix these more than obvious problems so that we can enjoy what's been advertised by realizing the production of workable optical media!


                                  PS: My laser disc stuff is now collecting dust...there's NO hope for that going anywhere any longer! :-) Thank goodness!

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                                    the_wine_snob Level 9



                                    Sounds like your "toolbox" looks a bit like mine!


                                    While I do most of my work in three programs: Premiere Pro, Encore and Photoshop, I have a bunch of other programs, like Painter, PrE, Magix MovieEdit Pro, CyberLink's PowerDirector and more. Same for my Vector programs, and also my Audio programs.


                                    Luckily, I have not upgraded to Win8 yet, and will likely hold off for some while.


                                    I also skipped the CS3 and CS4 versions of PrPro, as they each had their issues, and because PrPro CS2/version 2.0, worked for me. I still revert to my "old friends," when I don't like how CS6 does some things.


                                    Good luck to us all.



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                                      ColoradoGeorge Level 1

                                      Most of my apps that ran under Vista seem to run OK under Windows 8.1, but I have had issues upgrading: Premiere CS4, which was an upgrade from my Premiere 6.0 Pro, wouldn't install and run on Windows 8.1 as my Premiere 6.0 disc/app wasn't compatible with Windows 8.1 and therefore wouldn't verify the install. Adobe says CS4 isn't compatible with 8.1 anyway. Stuck in limbo land with this one. Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 ran OK (or at least appeared to) on Windows 8.1, but...I upgraded Elements 10 to Elements 12 for Premiere's sake anyway. And lo...the problems I've posted are related to this upgrade.


                                      As I installed a 250GB SSD drive C: on my new PC, I found that I rapidly ran out of space on this drive, and began uninstalling and re-installing apps on my D: drive, also a 250GB SSD drive. This includes Adobe Elements 12 as well as my Vegas Pro 12 NLE apps. It has been suggested that PrE12, along with "Organizer," is having problems as a result of not being installed on the C: drive's default programs folders. Note: I've experienced these problems PRIOR to moving them to the D: drive as well.


                                      I've also noted that Sony's DVD Architect 5.2/6.0 has problems on Windows 8.1 as well. Still unresolved, when it comes to building a Blu-ray disc with menus. Problem with the burning module as we've discussed with Adobe, or is it Windows 8.1 the problem!?


                                      All other apps I've transferred over to the D: drive work just fine!




                                      PS: Yes, good luck to us all! And yes...retirement provides the time to dally with all of these issues...but...I wish these apps would work as advertised right out of the box anyway!

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                                        ColoradoGeorge Level 1

                                        Had not asked the obvious next question: Have you experienced any issues with Adobe Premier Pro? Just discovered it's now Premiere Pro CC...gotta have that "cloud" attached! :-( Also just discovered...Adobe no longer sells Pro in a box with a book on optical media. We must now "subscribe" at a cost of $29.00/mo IF you are a previous owner of Premiere Pro ($49.99/mo if not, $19.99/mo IF you subscribe to an annual plan!). There is a trial copy available.


                                        Adobe chat room person claims there are no menu generating issues with Premiere Pro CC.

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                                          ColoradoGeorge Level 1

                                          An update to a side-note of this discussion regarding functional Blu-ray menu creation using Adobe PrE12 (which doesn't work properly) running on Windows 8.1:


                                          Adobe PrE12: Generates BD disc, but menu doesn't work properly. Videos ignore "Stop"


                                          Sony DVD Architect Pro 5.2 or 6.0: Will not generate a BD disc, period. Crashes.


                                          Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 17: Now generates BD disc WITH properly functioning menus! 


                                          Nero Video 2014: Problem with BD Menus.

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                                            the_wine_snob Level 9



                                            Yes, I use PrPro. Somewhere, I have versions 1.0 and 1.5, but not installed. I still have CS 2 Production Studio, and use if. I have CS5 and CS5.5, but no longer installed, and then CS6 installed (last version with Encore).


                                            Adobe stopped selling the boxed version of CS6 some years ago, but continue to sell the download versions. Some certified resellers might have a few of the boxed versions, but any supply will be dwindling.


                                            The CC (Creative Cloud) subscription model is popular with some, but not with others. I have not even considered it, but then am now retired. As Adobe is doing updates on a more regular basis, CC is popular for the additions and fixes.


                                            As for generating a Menu in CC - it cannot be done, as there is no authoring capability. The only answer is to get Encore CS6, and use that, but there is no ADL (Adobe Dynamic Link) between PrPro CC and Encore CS6. However, many users never were all that pleased with ADL between PrPro and En - for some it worked fine, but for others, it did not. Still, one can Export the Timeline from PrPro CC, and Import that into Encore CS6. There, the authoring is manual, but the Menus are much more simple, because all navigation is manual. They can be easily manipulated, or created, in Photoshop. They are also separate Menus, and not Menu Sets.


                                            One feature that was lacking in Encore was being able to use Chapter Playlists for BD. That was added/fixed in Encore CS6. Between Encore CS3 (first version to add BD authoring) and Encore CS5.5, only Playlists could be used for BD, and Chapter Playlists could not. Those Playlists are similar, but with some important differences. As I seldom used Chapter Playlists, that was never a big issue for me - I edit Sequences as Chapters, or Scenes, in PrPro, then Import those into Encore. The Playlist feature is all that I needed.


                                            Good luck,



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                                              ColoradoGeorge Level 1

                                              Thought I would update some previous observations and comments...hope this is not off-base too much. I'd mentioned that when it comes to burning Blu-ray discs with properly functioning menus there were success and failures depending upon WHICH application we were using to do so. I'd also mentioned that I was having problems with Sony's DVD Architect Pro 6.0 (DVDA) after installing it on my new Windows 8.1 OS PC, and as a result I couldn't say at the time whether one could burn a Blu-ray disc w/menus using DVDA or not. After spending weeks researching this problem, I discovered that if I changed DVDA's default "scratch disc" locations from their defaulted C: drive locations to other locations on other drives that DVDA would crash during its "prepare" phase. No solutions were forthcoming from Sony. I found the problem and a solution: Do NOT change the default scratch disc locations...leave them set to their default C: drive locations! Hopefully Sony will have a fix for this soon. (Note: it may be that just one of the several scratch disc location changes may be at fault...I merely did a "global" scratch disc location reset back to their defaulted locaions on the C: drive. Fixed the problem).


                                              Regarding the burning of Blu-ray discs with properly functioning menu systems...Adobe Premiere Elements 12 does not generate completely functional Blu-ray menus: "Stop" markers are ignored by menus created for Blu-ray discs thus an earlier timeline video selection of multiple movies on the timeline will continue playing through all subsequent movies, and will not return to the main menu after playing the 1st selection. The Blu-ray disc menu as presented will allow for the selection of any one of many movies on the disc to play, it just simply will not return to the main menu after a selected movie is played...but continues on to play every other movie in sequence until the end of disc is reached. However, DVD built menu systems appear to work just fine.


                                              Apparently Adobe is using a defective disc burning module, possibly supplied earlier by Sonic (which has apparently ended up at Corel products). Not sure...but this scenario, a common disc burning module provided by a single vendor and shared by various NLE products would define why some other NLE applications also create and/or experience this same problem...while yet other NLE products, not sharing the same disc burning module do NOT have this problem. From a few of my collection of several NLE applications, success or failure to burn Blu-ray disc menus are as follows:


                                              Adobe Premiere Elements 12: Partial success, partial failure (see notes above).

                                              Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 17: With latest updates creates functional menus AND properly burns Blu-ray discs.

                                              Nero: Does NOT create properly functioning Blu-ray menus.

                                              Sony DVD Architect Pro 6.0: With precautions as noted above, can create functional Blu-ray menus and discs.


                                              So...only 2 out of 4 applications on my system can properly build a Blu-ray disc with properly functioning menus.


                                              Hope this helps some who may be as frustrated as I am...expecting purchased products to work as advertised right out of the box (or even with updates!).



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                                                the_wine_snob Level 9



                                                Thank you for sharing your results and observations. They will most certainly help others make the decisions on which programs to use.


                                                I rely on my Encore programs for all serious authoring needs, so have not fully explored some other options, as you have. Until Encore CS6, the one limitation for BD authoring was the lack of the Chapter Playlists, which were not added until CS6. However, even there, I normally edit my "chapters" as separate Sequences, and could use the Playlist for most operations. I have needed the Chapter Playlist a few times though, so appreciate it being added as a "last gasp" from Adobe, concerning Encore.





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                                                  since i purchase the premiere elements 12,  i have no productivity, this is a trashed updated version.  1) it crashes, 2) if it does not crash, it does not open, 3) if it opens, it tells you that the the driver is bad. 4) Adobe tech support had access to my computer and still could not fix this problem, can some please tell me how to get my money back?

                                                  • 22. Re: Problems with Premiere Elements 12
                                                    A.T. Romano Level 7



                                                    Have you purchased the program within the last 30 days from Adobe? If so, then please contact Adobe via its Adobe Chat to work through the details of a refund. If you are beyond the 30 days from purchase from Adobe, then no refund will be made. But, we are not Adobe. Just user to user. To contact Adobe via Adobe Chat to confirm the details, please use the following link

                                                    Contact Customer Care


                                                    I have pre-set it for

                                                    Premiere Elements

                                                    Membership, Account, Payment

                                                    Payments, Invoices, Orders


                                                    If the link does not hold at my set, you will have to navigate the path to the above, finally reaching and clicking on the Chat panel.


                                                    I cannot offer you remote control of your computer troubleshooting, but I can work through troubleshooting schemes with you in search of the core

                                                    of your Premiere Elements issues. But, I need details for that. Have you been through the drill

                                                    a. What computer operating system is your Premiere Elements 12 running on?

                                                    b. What is your video card/graphics card - do you have more than 1? Is the card driver up to date according to the web site of the manufacturer of the card?

                                                    If so, have you deleted the BadDrivers.txt file?

                                                    c. Are you running a single or dual monitor setup?

                                                    d. What is a description of your computer resources? And, has the computer been optimized by the likes of ccleaner (regular and registry parts).

                                                    e. Have you done the Adobe Premiere Elements Prefs file deletion and, if necessary, deletion of the whole 12.0 Folder in which the Adobe Premiere Elements Prefs file exists?


                                                    Best wishes for whatever you video editing decisions are.



                                                    • 23. Re: Problems with Premiere Elements 12
                                                      A.T. Romano Level 7



                                                      I think that we may be losing one another with you posting at the end of the thread of another.


                                                      I just came across your screenshot of your display error posted twice elsewhere.


                                                      This is what I want you to do: I know you said that you are using Premiere Elements 12. Until you tell me otherwise, I am going to believe that you are using Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 64 bit computer. Let me know if that assumption is wrong and I will fine tune my answers. But for now...


                                                      1. Do you have more than 1 video card/graphics card and is the driver version for it up to date? Assuming that you have one video card/graphic cards and it is up to date, then delete the BadDrivers.txt file. The path to it is as follows:

                                                      Local Disk C

                                                      Program Data


                                                      Premiere Elements

                                                      and in the Premiere Elements Folder is the BadDrivers.txt file that you delete. There also folders in that Premiere Elements Folder, but you do not want those folders or anything in them. You just want the BadDrivers.txt file in the Premiere Elements Folder that houses the BadDrivers.txt file and the folders that you do not want. Make sure that Folder Option Show Hidden Files, Folders, and Drives is active so that you can see the complete path cited.


                                                      Typically the display errors that you posted are corrected by

                                                      a. Updating the video card/graphics card driver version

                                                      b. Deleting the BadDrivers.txt file

                                                      c. And, if you have 2 video cards, disabling the built in one.


                                                      Also, in all this, make sure that there are no problems coming from the antivirus program.


                                                      If our discussion continues, then it might be a good idea to start your own new thread so that we do not lose each other in the go between different threads.


                                                      Thank you.




                                                      Add Only...Please refer to my post numbered 22 in this thread.

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                                                        bonberris Level 1

                                                        Hello A.T.


                                                        a. Updating the video card/graphics card driver version

                                                        I don't know where to get the video card, am using this in class production, and it seem like too much problem to even finish any practice or real project.  Can you help me find where to update the video card?


                                                        b. Deleting the BadDrivers.txt file

                                                        Yes I had deleted this with Adobe support team, it worked for only two weeks and then it is the same error message again

                                                        c. And, if you have 2 video cards, disabling the built in one

                                                        Can point me to where to find this?




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                                                          bonberris Level 1

                                                          Yes, I purchase it last two months, at Best Buy, they also tried tech support and think something is gravely wrong with the driver issue.

                                                          • 27. Re: Problems with Premiere Elements 12
                                                            bonberris Level 1



                                                            This above stated was done by the adobe support last two months immediately I purchased and installed program.

                                                            • 28. Re: Problems with Premiere Elements 12
                                                              A.T. Romano Level 7



                                                              Premiere Elements 12, assuming Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 64 bit.


                                                              Go to Device Manager/Display Adapters. Expand Display Adapters to see the name of your video card.


                                                              Double click the name of your video card to bring up the card's Properties dialog.


                                                              In the Properties dialog, click on the Driver tab. Under the Driver tab, what does it list there for Driver Date as well as Driver version.


                                                              If there are two video cards instead of 1, then do the above for both.


                                                              There is a place under the Driver tab to update the driver, but many feel that is not good enough. And, they would send you to the web site of the

                                                              manufacturer of the card for the latest driver information (or to the manufacturer of the computer involved).


                                                              Just let us know what video card (s) are involved and then we will decide what next.


                                                              Thank you.



                                                              • 29. Re: Problems with Premiere Elements 12
                                                                bonberris Level 1

                                                                Hi A.T


                                                                I just completed the process sent in your outline.  It says i have the most updated, and also it is only one card.  What do we do next, Thanks for your help so far....

                                                                • 30. Re: Problems with Premiere Elements 12
                                                                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                                                                  What is the name of your card?


                                                                  Nonetheless, let us delete the BadDrivers.txt file even if you did this with the Adobe team support awhile back.


                                                                  Premiere Elements 12 on Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 64 bit


                                                                  Local Disk C

                                                                  Program Data


                                                                  Premiere Elements

                                                                  and in the Premiere Elements Folder is the BadDrivers.txt file that you delete. The Premiere Elements Folder has some folders besides the BadDrivers.txt file for version 12. You do not want anything in the folders in the Premiere Elements Folder. You just want the BadDrivers.txt file in the Premiere Elements Folder.

                                                                  Be sure to be working with Folder Option Show Hidden Files, Folders, and Drives active so that you can see the complete path. I will post a screenshot of this situation if necessary.


                                                                  I think that the BadDrivers.txt file deletion is going to be your answer even if you have to do the deletion periodically every two weeks or longer. Hopefully not at all after the deletion.


                                                                  The rationale for the BadDrivers.txt file deletion is found in post 10 of this older thread which applies to more versions than just 9.

                                                                  Re: Premiere Elements 9 Tryout Serious Display Problem


                                                                  We will be watching for your progress. Thanks for the follow ups.



                                                                  • 31. Re: Problems with Premiere Elements 12
                                                                    bonberris Level 1


                                                                    Just did and saw the same bad driver again...  still, I may have to close computer and restart   Thanks

                                                                    • 32. Re: Problems with Premiere Elements 12
                                                                      A.T. Romano Level 7



                                                                      Just a reminder....After you delete the BadDrivers.txt file and you reopen Premiere Elements project, the program will generate a new BadDrivers.txt file but now the problem is gone (hopefully).


                                                                      But it is normal for a new BadDrivers.txt file to be generated by the program after the deletion of what you found on the hard drive and reopening of a project.