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    RX100 does not appear in Lightroom or ACR


      I have all three of Sony's RX100 cameras.  Cannot get them to appear in Lightroom or ACR.


      I do not have any problem with any of my Canon DSLR bodies. 

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          John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The RX100 cameras are supported as follows


          CameraFile Extension

          ACR min

          version required

          Lightroom min

          version required

          DSC-RX100 IIARW8.25.2
          DSC-RX1R (RX1R)ARW8.15.0
          DSC-RX100 IIIARW8.55.5


          Which versions of ACR and Lightroom are you running?

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            jnsail Level 1

            I am using Lightroom 5.5 and ACR 8.6.


            The profile files appear to be in my Library.  They do not show up in the correction panel of Lightroom or ACR.

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              ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              There are two types of profiles, Camera Profiles and Lens Profiles.  Which are you asking about?  And are you looking at a raw files or a jpg files from your cameras?


              The RX100 raw ARW files should have several camera profiles listed:


              The lens profiles are built-in and always on so not listed in any dropdown lists. 


              If the lens profiles weren't already applied the image would look like this with severe barrel distortion:

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                jnsail Level 1

                Neither the camera profiles nor the lens profiles appear in the Calibration or Lens Correction panels in Lightroom or ACR.  The Sony RX-1 and RX-1R profiles appear in the panels.


                The correction files themselves are in the Library/Application Support/Adobe/Camera Raw/Camera Profiles/Adobe Standard

                Also in Library/Application Support/Adobe/CameraRaw/CameraProfiles/Camera


                Do not see any files related to any RX100 model in Library/Application Support/Adobe/CameraRaw/LensProfiles or its subdirectory

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                  jnsail Level 1

                  Your second screen shot answered my question. 


                  Thank you very much.

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                    jnsail Level 1



                    I do most of my RAW processing in Lightroom, and its behavior is different from ACR. 


                    Lightroom does not show the information about the lens profile being built into the camera profile.  Also, it only shows the Adobe Standard profile in the Camera Calibration panel.  It does not show any of the Sony color profiles, which, as ssprengel's screen shots show, ACR does. 


                    Lightroom should be made to conform to ACR. 

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                      ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      Perhaps LR 6 will have a different UI that includes built-in lens-profile information, but ACR is part of the continuous-updates Cloud promise so maybe it gets UI changes in a more piece-meal fashion, or maybe Adobe hasn't figured out where to put the info button in LR's UI since it is more compact or governed by different standards.  I suspect it easily could be that the LR team is too busy getting LR-Mobile to work properly that they don't have the luxury of including information-only UI elements.


                      As far as camera profiles, they should be showing the same for both ACR and LR assuming both are up-to-date.  My ACR 8.5 profiles are listed, above, and here are my LR 5.5 profiles for the RX 100:


                      Can you post a sample file that doesn't have any extra Camera profiles?  Use dropbox.com or similar and include a public download link in your message.


                      The profile paths you list in an early message are for Camera Raw only. LR has it's own set of profiles that you can view with the process outlined by Julieanne Kost's Blog:

                      Lens Correction Profiles « Julieanne Kost's Blog

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                        jnsail Level 1

                        Very interesting.


                        I followed up by looking at the LR CameraProfiles subfolder in the Resources subfolder of LR Contents. The subfolder Camera includes profiles for Sony DSC-RX100 and Sony DSC-RX100M2, but not for Sony DSC-RX100M3.  The subfolder Adobe Standard has all three profiles.


                        I rechecked the ACR Profiles, and profiles for all three cameras are present in both the Adobe Standard and Camera subfolders.  I copied the Sony DSC-RX100M3 ACR profile from the Camera subfolder and pasted it into the Camera subfolder in the LR contents.  This did not result in a change in the way LR operates.


                        I compared the Index.dat file for ACR with the Index.dat file for LR and found the problem.  The ACR Index had been updated to include the color profiles for the Sony DSC-RX100M3, but the LR Index had not been updated.  Both Indexes had the basic camera profile.


                        I replaced the LR Index with a copy of the ACR Index.  Everything now works.


                        Someone at Adobe missed updating the Index.


                        Should this be reported as a bug?

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                          jnsail Level 1

                          I should have more accurately concluded my last post by stating that


                          "Although the basic camera profile for the Sony DSC-RX100M3 had been updated for LR 5.5, neither the LR Index nor the LR color profiles were updated for the Sony DSC-RX100M3.  Copying the Profiles for the Sony DSC-RX100M3 from ACR into LR and replacing the LR Index with a copy of the Index from ACR solved the problem."

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                            ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                            The camera-match profiles for the RX100M3 were only just added to ACR 8.6 Release Candidate, which is a version ahead of LR 5.5.  So the lack of RX100M3 profiles in LR 5.5 is to be expected and not a bug or issue other than waiting for the LR 5.6 release.


                            See the Product Details tab of the ACR 8.6 RC page at Adobe Labs:

                            Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw 8.6 Release Candidate | digital camera raw file support - Adobe Labs

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                              jnsail Level 1

                              The release notes for LR 5.5 state that support for the Sony DSC-RX100III is included in the release.  However, the support is only partial.  There is the support for the lens corrections that you explained using screen shots from ACR 8.6 release candidate.  LR 5.5 includes the Adobe Standard Profile identified as "Sony DSC-RX100M3".  However, it does not include the Sony profile for the camera.  Thus, none of the Sony color profiles appeared under in camera calibration panel.  The Index.dat for LR 5.5 references a profile for the camera.  Also, as your screen shots show, lens corrections were being applied.  Thus, there was a clear representation that the camera was covered and a partial implementation of the representation.

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                                ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                A camera is fully supported if it has an Adobe Standard profile so the RX100M3 was fully supported in LR 5.5 just like it was fully supported in ACR 8.5, with just an Adobe Standard profile shown in Camera Calibration.


                                As of ACR 8.5/LR 5.5, there are 472 camera models with an Adobe Standard profile, but only 158 camera models that have more than an Adobe Standard profile, so most camera models only have Adobe Standard.


                                In the past only Canon and Nikon DSLRs and a few Pentax DSLRs had anything more than an Adobe Standard profile.


                                In the last year or two, Adobe has started making camera-match profiles for other camera brands and models within those brands.  Fuji and Sony are recent additions.  Since most camera models only have and Adobe Standard profile, I consider a camera model also having camera-match profiles in addition to Adobe Standard as a bonus, not the lack of camera-match profiles being only partial support.


                                As of ACR 8.6 and LR 5.6 there will be new camera-match profiles for the Sony RX100M3 in addition to the Adobe Standard profile.


                                You have installed ACR 8.6 but not LR 5.6 so only saw the camera-match profiles in ACR 8.6, not LR 5.5.


                                You hacked your LR 5.5 to have the ACR 8.6 profiles so now you see them in LR 5.5.


                                It is not a bug that LR 5.5 didn't have the RX100M3 profiles, because they are only supposed to be available in LR 5.6.