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    Captivate 7 Video Demo using excessive bandwidth


      When I create a video using the Video Demo mode, Captivate allows me to select bitrate settings.  Because we have very limited bandwidth at some of our locations, I tried selecting the lowest possible bitrate of 0.19 Mbps as the Target and Maximum bitrate.


      I inserted the finished MP4 file as a Progressive video into a .cptx Captivate file.  I published the result as a flash file - basically using the flash file as a player for the MP4 file.  When I tested it at one of our locations, it did not download at the 0.19 speed, it consumed the entire bandwidth available.


      What did I do wrong?  Am I missing the ability to transcode to a selected speed?  Is Captivate just encoding the MP4, but not transcoding it to control the bandwidth consumption?


      This is way more than I know - I'm used to encoding a video and then uploading it to a service that transcodes it to the maximum bitrate of the encoded video.  However, I cannot use streaming video for this project.


      Can anyone help me on this?