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    Challenges/Frustration with getting Sync to work!

    Nicholas Evered

      I have recently installed Lightroom 5 on my Mac and my iPad after setting up my subscription after many years of using Aperture (thanks to Apple's recent announcement).


      I have tried to Sync 3 collections.  One of 145 pic, the second at 900 pics and the third at 400 pics.  It is taking forever for the pics to sync to Adobe.  I have a quick internet connection clocking approx 50 mbits per second.  Its seems that the sync is stalled somewhere as on the web I have different numbers of pics in Library 1 and 2, and no pics in library 3.  On the iPad I have even less photos in 1 & 2 and none in 3.


      When I start up Lightroom on my Mac it says its connected and is syncing some 512 photos and the counter creeps downwards at about 3 pics per hour.  I have 153 pics in the Sync Errors folder but no idea on what the errors are!


      Any help, advice, assistance greatly appreciated as right now I am far worse off than using Aperture, iPhoto and iTunes to Sync photos!