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    Media Cache issue-how to change save location?

    Vern Reynolds-Braun

      I have CS5 Master Collection on a Win7 Pro 64

      bit PC. The C: (System) drive is on an SSD 64 Gb d

      rive. My problem seems to be that when working on a project in PPro CS5, the folder that Premiere creates to store Media Cache files is located on the Sytstem Drive (C:) But because my C: drive is a small capacity (64 Gb), it starts to get dangerously 'full' very soon. I've installed the CS5 programs on another drive, and I do know about saving the project on another drive and also choosing Scratch locations on a media drive, but I can't figure out how to get Media Cache files to save to a drive other than my C: drive. Any suggestions would be most appreciated. I did search for about half an hour on these forums and didn't find anything relating to my specific issue. Thank you, Vern