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    How do I configure amsadmin permissions?




      I created a fresh Adobe Media Server 5.0 instance on Amazon EC2 AWS, I connected over SSH and changed the default password, everything looks ok. But the amsadmin doesn't seem to have enough access to administer the instance. I can read most of the files and folders (access denied for /lib; /lost+found and /root).


      I can connect ok

      ssh -i key.pem amsadmin@public-dns.amazonaws.com

      I can upload to the media folder

      scp -i key.pem test.f4v amsadmin@public-dns.amazonaws.com:/mnt/applications/vod/media

      I can't upload content webroot; for example if I wanted to add a crossdomain.xml file to the web root.

      scp -i key.pem crossdomain.xml amsadmin@public-dns.amazonaws.com:/mnt/webroot/

      I can't create a directory; I want to setup S3 to store content, step 5 says to:

      Create a directory on the instance to mount the S3 bucket, for example, /mnt/s3fs.


      But under the amsadmin account I get an access denied error, is this expected?

      How can I get access to these restricted areas?