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    Print dimensions reduced on Epson 3880?


      I'm currently running Lightroom 5.5 on a Mac OSX 10.9.3 and recently ran into a problem with my printing presets. I have a preset for 13" x 19" paper on my Epson 3880 printer, and the paper (custom setup in the Epson driver) is set to margins of 0.25" on each side. My printing preset in Lightroom also has paper margins of 0.25". I defined a cell size for my photo as 11.25" x 15", and Lightroom's rulers in the layout confirm the correct dimensions for the cell. But when I print an image, I only get a printed image of 11" x 14.75"!!!


      BTW, the same thing happens when I print the same image using PhotoShop CC 2014. And the Page Layout box for the printer is set to 100% scale, not something smaller.


      Any ideas what's wrong?