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    WARNING: "Make FLV" feature is now (for me) recording ENTIRE screen, not just Connect video!

    Charlie Arehart Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      Folks, the title says it all. I've been using Connect for years, but suddenly I am finding that when I use the feature on a recorded meeting to "make flv", it not only records the meeting video but ANY WINDOW I MAY VIEW ON MY COMPUTER while that make flv recording is processing.


      Now, I do not see others complaining about this, so perhaps there's some combination of factors that makes it happen for me and not others. But maybe they just have not noticed it. I had always feared this for years, but when I checked it never happened, until I notice it happening now in recordings I've made in recent days.


      You can see a real example of this issue, in the following dropbox video. In just the first 10 seconds, you can see both the windows task bar at the bottom and me switching to other windows, all recorded.


      https://www.dropbox.com/s/73bv90reic9d5sb/Speaker%20panel_Into%20the%20Box%20Conference.fl v


      This is devastating, because I post these recordings on the web after the meeting. If I had not noticed it, I might have viewed sensitive email, password files, etc, while recording. And you can see the Connect meeting recording from which I was using the "make flv" here: http://experts.adobeconnect.com/p6vtmdknx1n/ . There is clearly no windows desktop being recorded in that meeting. What you see in the FLV above is from when I was MAKING the flv, which is the terrible problem.


      If it's somehow limited to me, I'll be happy just to solve it for me and be glad for others, but can anyone from Adobe help here?


      And if you (fellow Connect users) DO make recordings, you may want to do a test and confirm if it's working as expected for you (recording ONLY the connect video and nothing else on your computer). It will be interesting to hear what combination of factors may cause this to happen and when it changed.


      I'm not aware of any change in my hardware or software to effect this, but perhaps there's been a change on the server? My connect meetings are hosted by Adobe, at https://experts.adobeconnect.com. I am creating the recordings on the same Windows 7 machine I have for years, and the Flash player shows being, and I'm using Chrome as my browser. If I start my meeting and choose the help>About option, it reports Connect 9.2.2, and the add-in as WIN 11.9.970.233.


      Any help appreciated, and hope it may also help others if they may have the same problem.


      Message was edited by: Charlie Arehart Tweaked title to indicate more clearly that this is happening "for me", at least, and also changed the URL where I said my recordings are hosted. I originally gave the URL for my meeting room, rather than where the recordings are. Of course, one needs to login (and have a login) to see those recordings. I just wanted to show anyone who would help that my Connect account is indeed hosted by Adobe, FWIW.


      Message was edited by: Charlie Arehart Added link to the original Connect recording, so folks can see that the info in the FLV is NOT from the original Connect meeting recording.