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    Warp Stablizer VFX stuck at Initializing in After Effects CC 2014.0.2

    Jonah_Lee Level 1

      I am on a MacPro 4,1 with 24 GB of RAM and 2x2.26 GHz Quad Core running 10.9.4. I am running a PC NVIDIA GTX 670 Graphics Card with 4GB of RAM. And while the 4GB shows up for CUDA, it does not show up for Open CL in After Effects.


      I created a sequence in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014 and sent it over to After Effects as a new AE Comp. The Footage was from a Canon 60D, and when I tried using the Warp Stabilizer FX on the clips, all that happens is that I get it initializing. The Blue Bar on the footage does not move, and in the activity monitor the Adobe QT32 Server and the aeselflink process both respond with not responding.



      And within a couple of minutes I get a timed out obtaining dynamiclink server connection error message:



      Strangely if I use the Warp Stabilizer within Premiere Pro it works just fine and each clips processes in about 45 seconds.


      My first thought was that maybe it didn't like the Canon 60D footage, so I converted it to ProRES HQ and relinked in both Premiere Pro and After Effects, but I am getting the same problem either way.


      I tried searching on the forums and saw that it could possible be a problem with firewalls or virus software, but I am not running either. I also saw something about logging out of Creative Cloud and logging back in to install a new version that might fix some folder permissions issues, but it didn't install a new version. So I downloaded and installed the latest Creative Cloud version just to be sure. The problem still persists.


      I have also fixed permissions with Disk Utility and reset my User Permissions with Onyx, as well as ran daily, weekly and monthly scripts and cleaned the system caches.


      I also tried saving the project down to CC and trying it, but I am having the same problem there, though I am sure that I was previously able to use the Warp Stabilizer in CC.


      Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!