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      How do I import my photos into Photoshop?  I store my pictures in Windows Live Photo Gallery.

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          Semaphoric Adobe Community Professional

          Just open them via File > Open.

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            mystical pippin Level 1

            You can't directly export photos from Windows Live PG into Photoshop. But you can copy them to a flash drive and from there you can move them into Photoshop.

            EXCEPT certain versions of WLPG don't allow exporting of any kind. You will find instructions for flash drive and other help here....maybe:


            exporting photos from photo gallery - Microsoft Community


            Good Luck

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              Silkrooster Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Why would he want to export to a flash drive, when he did not ask that.

              He stated:

              How do I import my photos into Photoshop?  I store my pictures in Windows Live Photo Gallery.

              Since all the images are located in the pictures folder the answer Semaphoric gave is the correct answer. Using File>Open will allow photoshop to browse to the pictures folder.

              Windows Live gallery is nothing more than a thumbnail view of the images stored on the hard drive. Any file viewer like windows explorer can see these images where they can be copied, moved, or deleted. Since Explorer can see them, so can any other windows program.


              In other words the images are not I repeat not stored in Windows Live Photo Gallery.

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                mystical pippin Level 1

                Repeat all you want. Doesn't make it correct because the OP clearly states that's exactly where they are stored: ".....I store my pictures in Windows Live Photo Gallery"


                Windows Live Photo Gallery is a photo editing, organizer and sharing application, not to be confused with the separate tool, Windows Photo Viewer. Originally it was a cloud based program and photos were stored in the cloud, but now its a part of the Live Essentials Suite so you can store them on your pc.  It is a heck of a lot more than just a "thumbnail view of images". in fact you can view larger sizes while you're editing them.


                Though you might be able to view them in the 'open function in Photoshop you can not directly import them into Photoshop from Windows Live Photo Gallery for editing. Hence the suggestion to copy them to a flash drive and from there move them into PS for editing. got it?

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                  Silkrooster Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  SO, that does not make it correct. Try it. Any folder you create in the gallery and any images placed in that folder will be in the pictures folder (assuming that is your default images folder).


                  Do not give me grief, I do not need it. Got it...


                  Online images are shared on the services only, they have to be copied from your drive to that service. The files can be accessed with a web browser or other app to copy them back to your drive, assuming you still have the password. Meaning the files do not have to be copied to a flash drive at all (unless you want to)


                  The editing done in the gallery works the same as it does in lightroom, it puts the edits in the metadata, allowing you the chance revert back to the original. In other words it does not affect the pixels making it non-destructive.


                  You can select any image in the gallery, right click on it and choose to edit in photoshop. Just be aware photoshop can do destructive edits (change the pixels).


                  The difference between gallery and lightroom is gallery is using the file directory, whereas lightroom uses a database, (just an FYI)

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                    mystical pippin Level 1

                    what are you babbling about now? And what part of my answer is wrong now? I'm the one giving you grief? that's rich considering you're the one who started it ALL by claiming I was wrong because I thought the OP stored their pictures in WLG. Oh wait.... I was right about that and pointed out that in fact the OP did say that. You however, seem to think its just a folder and not an application but contradict yourself by the nature of the content in your 2nd response.


                    And now I'm wrong about not being able to import them directly into photoshop (which I'm not you cannot right click and open them in Photoshop)  And now suddenly you're giving instructions on editing in WLG? And the difference between WLG and Lightroom? Which has what to do with OP's question? Did he ask about editing in WLG and did he ask about Lightroom? wasn't your first complaint to me that the OP didn't ask about something so therefore I had no right to bring it up? Are you not the pot calling the kettle black here?    


                    You start an argument with me over NOTHING  and continue to argue more when I explain myself and I'm the one giving you grief? Really? If you don't need it then why beg for it? hmm?

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                      Silkrooster Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      Apparently I am unable to convey that it is physically impossible to store image in windows live gallery. I brought up the point of lightroom to explain it is a database that can store image unlike live gallery. Any editing done in gallery works similar to camera raw and lightroom, in that it is non-destructive by storing the edits in the metadata.

                      Frankly I have yet to see a reason why you are posting in this thread other than to troll. Stop trying to argue with me. I am no longer posting in this thread. Good by for ever.

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                        mystical pippin Level 1

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