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    Photo Merge now creates straight line merges...

    Mandolin_Tim Level 1

      In the old days when I did a Photo Merge from Bridge I would find that the merged document would have multiple layers with masks that had quite irregular edges (as expected) and therefore smooth fills.  Ultimately PS produced really good panoramas with VERY LITTLE EFFORT required. 


      Sometime recently, and I'm not sure which CC update it was, this all stopped working and now my merges have straight line edges and sharp non-graduated fills.  Where the panoramas have straight lines in the shots or clear changes (like skylines) they jump at the merged edges and are not smooth.


      What has happened?  What am I  missing?  What new settings are required to use Photo Merge?  I have checked all the obvious places in both BridgeCC and PhotoshopCC 2014 and nowhere does it mention any new controls.  I have checked the various help videos and nowhere do they use any methods that I do not use.  Why do they get smooth transitions when I am not?


      Now I am using PSCC 2014 on a Windows 7 laptop with a smallish hard drive (SSD) and not a huge amount of room (20-30Gb drive available at most) but this wasn't a problem previously and even when I make more space available the problem persists.  Am I going to have to wait until I am home and have access to my desktop with 32Gb RAM and TB of available drive?  Hope that isn't the case as it will be 3 months away.


      Now if this website would allow me I would add a JPG of the PS window to show the problem but it won't let me upload the file even though it is less than the 4Mb limit in size.  Then we get back to entering this forum which required me to log-in to my Adobe ID 15 times before it let me start a discussion...