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    Exporting gif bug


      Hello Photoshop and Adobe Community!


      I am having an interesting problem here. I am creating gifs for a website using a combination of AfterEffects, and Photoshop. I used AfterEffects to create an MOV file just fine. It runs about 5 seconds. As per instructions I found online, I loaded the animation into photoshop as layers and tried to save it for the web. Unfortunately, there seems to be a render issue with the file when I safe it as an endless gif. fallfashion.gif


      As you can see on the side here, there is a strange blue line that is in the render that looks like a guide from photoshop, but it is not included in the export from AE, so I am stumped. I have tried opening the file itself and saving for web, but it seems that it freezes photoshop in its tracks. So I am not too sure. I have tried changing the diffusion settings, transparency, interlacing, and the convert to srgb option and it seems to have no effect. I was worried that there was some space in frames that was actually there, and I cropped it off with the crop tool, but it seems to have no effect. Can anyone input?