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    After effects CC on maverick slow render because of PP CC Dynamic Link Footage

    Kea Leens Level 1

      I put premiere pro CC edits in After Effects CC through dynamic Link every day. Since I upgraded my systems to Maverick and first installed the 12.0.1 and afterwards 12.1 the rendering of the After effects projects that have Dynamic Link Edits on the timeline slow down from 10 hours (in12.0 on Mountain Lion) to about 90 hours. When I replace the dynamic Link with a QT Movie, it renders about 10 hours again. It is normal that Dynamic link slows dow the rendering, but this is extreme and since this wasn't the case on Mountain Lion and 12.0 for the same project with the same dynamic link, not normal. I couldn't figure out what causes this. Is this Maverick on my 2008 Mac Pro ? is this a bug in 12.1 or dynamic link ? Or can I solve this with a simple setting somewhere in Maverick or AE ?