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    Image Resampling Problem in Photoshop CC


      Here is a problem I am encountering in Photoshop CC.  I am trying to convert an image to a higher resolution with overall dimensions to be kept the same.  Soon as I enter the new resolution with resampling box checked, the image dimesions change too.


      For example:


      Initial image is 0.855x0.203 in @ 600 pixesl/in.


      - Check Resample Box with Automatic method

      - Image Dimensions (W and H) linked to constrain the ratio

      - Enter 1200 in the resolution box

      - W and H immediately change to 1 and 1 respectively

      - Hit OK

      - End up with an image 1 x 1 in @ 1200 pixels/in


      Is this a bug?  Am I doing anything wrong?  Anyone else encounter something similar?  It does not happen all the time.


      Any help will be appreciated.