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    Printing Problem with Photoshop CS 6


      I'm using a Mac, Snow Leopard (10.6.8) and Photoshop CS 6. I'm printing to a Canon Pixma Pro-100.  I've tried several 4x6 JPEG snapshot to test the thing out and every time it will take the paper and move 3.8 inches out of the printer and then print on the remaining 2.2 inches and then eject the paper.  I have been on the phone with Canon and gone through all of the settings, both in "printer settings" and for Photoshop and feel I they are all correct. Yet every time this happens - no matter which image.  The people at Canon are nice enough but they can only walk you through so much - they can only advise it's an Adobe problem.  I can get it to print correctly using Canon's Plug-In Print Studio Pro and I can get it to print correctly in the Mac Preview app.  But, I want to print directly from Photoshop.  I've searched with Google for anything like this but no luck - it does seem there are alot people out there with the same kind of setup (equipment, OS and software) that I have and they don't have any problems.  I'm puzzled and frustrated - any help or advice would be great.  Thanks - James Davis