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    Multi-channel publishing and reference pages

    GrossTonnage Level 1

      Hi all,


      I'm beginning to dig into FM12 multi-channel publishing. I have stripped down my unstructured template to a more minimalist model in order to flex better to multiple outputs. My current document template has several ANSI-based alert styles (Danger, Warning, etc.) that reference heading images in the reference pages. These heading images do not show up when I publish to HTML5. The header images are important to these styles, but I am loathe to add them manually to each instance, obviously. Is it possible to call reference page images when publishing to HTML 5, or should I change my styles?


      I know that this will not be an issue when I to migrate to XML, but I'm hoping to find a quick fix in the meantime. I suspect that if there is an unstructured solution to this, it's hiding in the style mapping settings.


      Thanks in advance for your advice!