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    LR applying outdated metadata preset on folder sync.

    Gavin Farrington Level 1

      Lightroom changes my copyright year and contact info to old information when synchronizing a folder.



      A folder of processed & ready-to-deliver RAW files.  These files all have 2014 copyright and contact info.  Export these images to JPG in another folder.  (Export includes all metadata.)  Open these JPGs in PhotoMechanic to verify that the 2014 copyright and contact info is still embedded in the files.  Go back to LR, right click the folder that contains the JPGs, "Synchronize Folder..." wait for process to complete.  Look at metadata panel in LR or the added JPG files - all copyright and contact info has reverted back to an outdated 2013 preset.


      Is there some place in LR where it's told to automatically apply a metadata preset?  I'm not going through the import panel - just a simple folder sync.