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    Unsupported .tif from Xerox - Photoshop won't open

    KevinDGA Level 1

      Hi there,


      I've been browsing some of the forums for answers to an unsupported .tif (TIFF) problem not loading into Photoshop 7 or CSS.  The answers haven't helped me much, so I'm hoping a clean thread and knowing what I'm working with will provide and easy and money-free solution.


      I'm on a PC and I have both Photoshop 7 and CSS.  My at-home computer is on XP (it's old) and my work PC is on Windows 7.


      The photos (images) I need to be able to work with are .tif images that were scanned in from a Xerox ColorQube copier/scanner.  I used the .tif format because it provided the most loss-less quality on that machine when e-mailed to me digitally.


      The problem is, they are unsupported TIFF images and while Windows Viewer reads them beautifully, Photoshop (where I need them most) does not.  I've tried a few free online converter programs but, as I expected, they didn't work to convert the .tif to .psd.  I also tried the Adobe DNG Converter and that wouldn't work with the files either.


      What solution is there (a batch converter would be great) that will allow these TIFF images to be converted to workable TIFFs or PSD files. The main thing is to not have any loss of quality in a conversion.


      I can load the images into Paint, but am wondering what quality loss will occur by resaving them as JPEGs.  Again, the ideal would be to have them as workable TIFFs or PSDs.


      Thanks for any "simple" solutions you can provide.


      - Kevin