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    Master pages not updating document pages

    Peter B. Bailey Level 1


      I've set up a sort of complicated page design. Really it's just a series of text frames connected to each other. I'm making nametags for all of the employees in my department, about 100 people. So, I've set up a simple landscaped 8.5 x 11 master page. Each text box is text threaded to its neighbor, then down to the next one in the row below. I set all this up in the master page. As well, in the master page, all the text boxes are set to center align vertically.


      Now, I'm simply pouring in a Word file that's simple the list of names, each name followed by a carriage return.


      When I "pour" in the names I press Shift and click on the top left text box of the first page. Well, I've tried that with the shift key now about 5 times, and, every time, InDesign simply crashes. So, instead of that, I just load up with the Place command and simply click, without the shift, in that same text box. All the names comes in. Even though in the import options I told all of the Word "Normal" tags to convert to my "Basic Paragraph" tag, the names come in not in the font of that paragraph style. It's smaller, and, as a result, about two names fit into each text box now. So, first thing I do is do a select all and change the paragraph style to my "Basic Paragraph." Then, using find & replace, I search for every carriage return and replace it with a frame jump. So, that works. Each name now simply takes up one text box, no more.


      The first page looks OK. Because I couldn't use the shift key initially, of course, I have to thread through five or six more pages to get all the names into InDesign. But, I find that, when I go to the second page to continue the threading, the threading stops. It doesn't automatically fill each text box and then jump to the next. So, I literally have to thread from each text box manually to the next. And, that sucks. And, all of the text boxes on pages two onward are not centered vertically. So, I figured that these pages, for whatever reason, are not conforming with the master page. So, when I select all those document pages and tell them to abide by my master page, ALL of the text on every page disappears!! What's that about? So, I have to do an undo and then manually fix every text box on every page.


      I'm on a beautiful Mac, latest model, latest OS 10.9.4. I'm using InDesign 2014 as part of the Creative Suite.