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    Adobe InDesign CS6

    Nila Level 1

      I am new to publishing platform. I am planning to start a publishing business very soon. I would like to concentrate on both print and e-book creation. Where should I start? Is buying InDesign CS6 a good start? Will I have to learn too many new stuff ? Does the learning include programming and codes other than the interface of the software?  Thanks in advance!

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Buying CS6 would be a great big mistake, IMO. You'd have to lay out a lot of

          cash for something that might not work out and you'd be two versions out of



          You'd be far better off with Creative Cloud butŠand this a huge butŠsimply

          having this software on your computer is not going to turn you into a

          publishing professional. There's a tremendous amount to learn.

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            Nila Level 1

            Thank you, Bob!

            I understand it involves tremendous amount of learning. I am willing to invest time, effort and money in it. I do have a software background and I believe it should make the learning a little easier. However, I am confused - Where to start? Which product to choose? Taking your suggestion, I looked into the plans available in CC. I see that there is a special offer going on for $29.99/month with a requirement to have purchased CS3 or later. I find no information on Adobe about previous version and prices of software anywhere.

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              BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              The only previous version you can buy is CS6. If you don’t have CS3 or later you’ll have to pay full price for Creative Cloud.

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                Nila Level 1

                Thank you!

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                  Doc Maik Level 4

                  There are some "white clouds" and some "dark clouds" in the CC, however. Cheapest way is the single app plan with monthly (36.89€) or annual (24.59€/mo) subscription. Monthly is better if you decide to stop using it in the middle. So it's at least 295€ per year. Not expensive, at the first glance. Buying ID CS6 costs ~800€, which is less than three years of CC, not to mention possible upcoming price increases of the cloud subscription.


                  But what advantages do you get from the cloud? Regarding Indesign as single app, I don't see any. I came from Indesign CS2 over CS4 to CS6 now and especially with Indesign not much has changed, not so many new features have been implemented. Of course, there always were a new features I definitely needed for my work and that's why we upgraded, let alone the fact that you are sometimes even forced to upgrade because the old CS versions won't run on new operating system version. But I think that upgrading every two versions is OK, perhaps every three, but not every one.


                  Except from the money, the cloud has other problems. You need regular internet connection to keep the apps working. If there are problems with the payment, Adobe's going to lock the apps instantly etc... That's the dark cloud.

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                    BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                    For someone doing only print I might agree, but for EPUB and other digital workflows CC has some amazing advancements and there are likely to be even more.




                    And you’re right at some point CS6 won’t work with a new operating system; neither will a lot of other software.




                    As for internet, on a monthly plan you need internet access for a few minutes once a month; for annual plans it’s every 100 days or so.

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                      Doc Maik Level 4

                      Good to know.

                      Well, everything has its ups and downs. It always depends on what people need. Nila wants to start a business and this usually requires a lot of money, so she probably wants to save some bucks.

                      Right, the new CC versions will improve everything related to electronic publications, but the DPS is very expensive. Is it worth the money, even for a business longing for profit?

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                        BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                        Creative Cloud removes the barrier to entry. PERIOD.


                        Is it a perfect system? No, but for what you get it's a bargainŠif you take

                        advantage of it.

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                          Doc Maik Level 4

                          Afaik, the DPS is not included in the cloud subscription, so there is a "little" barrier left. Correct me, if I'm wrong.

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                            BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                            Believe what you want. If you don't see any value in apps like Muse, Edge Animate as well as all of the others as well as Business Catalyst hosting, Typekit, and a Behance Pro site then stick with CS6.


                            While nobody could possibly use everything, to dismiss the value this package has is foolish. Anyone with InDesign skills could bang out a Muse site in less than a day and charge more than what a one subscription would cost.