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    PLease help with a simple label setup

    Bowzetto Level 1
      Hi Guys,
      I know this will be simple for most of you. Used good ol' PageMaker for years. Started with ID a couple of years ago but haven't done much with it. Now have CS6 and wanted to make address labels [Avery 5160 — 30 labels /page]. I remember asking this question once before w/CS3 and folks said I needed a later version that would allow me to "merge" repeated info onto the label page w/o having to duplicate the text & graphics 30 times.
      Could someone give me specific steps to follow to do this? All there is in the original label is text & a graphic. How can I repeat this 29 times w/o going through the red tape of duping the text & graphic [which I did ].
      What I was doing was, grouping the text & graphic, duping it 2 times in one row, then duping the row over and over till the page was filled with the 30 labels.
      Yea, I know I'm a doofus and into "pain of repetition" but having been a member of Adobe forums since the 90's I LOVE FORUMS!! We all have helped each other soooo much. And this is where I get my answers.
      Thanks in advance,
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          Migintosh Level 4

          Printing labels on a home printer can be a bit tricky because as the paper is pulled through most home printers, there is a slight amount of drift. What I mean is that if you printed several copies of something to a paper stock that had graph marks on it, you would see that you can't ensure that each sheet prints in exactly the same position. Because of this, you would be better off not trying to print too close to the edges of each label. What I recommend is that whether you set up 30 text frames and chain them all together, or use the Data Merge to set up your labels, that you apply a half point stroke to the frames, print a sheet, and see how close the frames line up with the edges of your labels. You may have to move the group of labels up, down, left or right to get them in the ballpark, but once you have it set for your printer, you can take off the strokes and set an amount of text inset so that if they do drift a bit, none will be cut off.


          Also, in case you're asking about this, you can select a single object or group and go to Edit>Step and Repeat and tick the Create as Grid and Preview boxes  to make 30 labels out of just one and see how they will lay on the page. Just set your horizontal and vertical offset to the size of your label.


          Does that help, or do you need instructions on how to do a data merge?

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            Bowzetto Level 1

            Thanks Migintosh,


            I'll try this and come back to ya. May need help with data merge. Let ya know. Thanks again,



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              Bowzetto Level 1

              Thanks so much, Migintosh. The Edit>Step & Repeat and Grid setup was THEE answer I was looking for.

              Thanks again, sorry it took so long getting back. But, other priorities.