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    JamJar is Flex at it's worst

    Stefan Thomas Community Member
      First - to make that perfectly clear - I love Flex. I LOVE it. And I totally agree with the "High Definition User Experience" approach. Our technology today is finally sophisticated enough that we can also think about whether it looks and feels good. When using JamJar however, one feels reminded of the animated gif backgrounds that plagued the Internet in the 90s. The sounds are certainly the most annoying part and no it's not just because they don't match the animation but also because I don't want it to sound like I'm playing Super Mario just because I happen to be using a Flex application.

      From a usability point of view.... it's not that bad, but I've seen better Flex apps. Make it faster. Animations are nice, but they should never exceed 0.3 seconds, otherwise you sit there waiting for animations to complete all the time. Sure JamJar is obviously not meant to be a productive application, but to demonstrate what Flex can do. However, all it demonstrates right now is what can go wrong if you choose to go with Flex.


      Stefan Thomas