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    "The source is longer than the destination" ?

    steenmikkelsen2 Level 1

      Get an error that says: "The source is longer than the destination" ?


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          joe bloe premiere Level 5

          What happens if you hit 'Overwrite' instead of 'Insert'?

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            jamesp2 Level 1

            In my experience, this oddity occurs when clips are loaded into the viewer by means other than double clicking or dragging from the project panel.


            For example, if you do match frame command from the T-L, then try to add that source clip to another location in the t-l, you can get this pop-up, despite the fact that you've set up a standard 3-point edit and everything fits.

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              Same here with my Pr here. It doesnt matter if Overwrite ore Insert is used, even the short cuts do not work.

              But it seems, that this error disappears once in a while... sometimes restarting is a (not so) good solution.

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                Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Try clearing preferences and resetting plugin cache by holding down shift + alt while opening Premiere.

                See if that will help.

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                  Mark Mapes Adobe Employee

                  The Fit Clip dialog is not an error. It is invoked by doing an insert or overwrite when In and Out points are set in both the Source Monitor and the Timeline. This is known as a 4-Point Edit. If the span of the two In/Out ranges does not match, then Premiere shows this dialog box to inform you of the mismatch and give you options on how to proceed.

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                    Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Then an in and outpoint must has been set somewhere on the timeline, hence the message.

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                      robmbrown Level 1

                      IMO this sort of thing had been worked out well in the past in otter editors and Adobe needs to follow suite. There are too many messages about source being too short etc. This message happens on stills for instance. It's a still you can repeat the frames as much as you want. It makes sense to assign a length importing a still but if your timeline duration is longer than the still duration premiere just needs to do it and not pop up errors.


                      The basic rules for 3 point editing for years and years were master or sequence takes precedence. So if there are 4 points and there is a mismatch, ignore source out. And if there are enough frames then you shouldn't get an error that says there aren't. Fit to fill should be an extra key or something if you want it as it's not that often you need that in my experience. 90 plus percent of edits are 3 point edits and usually the sequence duration is what you want. When the source duration is what you want you tell the computer that by deleting sequence out. Very simple and it's worked for decades .

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                        Mark Mapes Adobe Employee

                        And that's precisely why we added the "Always use this choice" option in the Fit Clip dialog in CC7.0. Does that option not meet your needs, Rob, or is it that you haven't updated to CC?

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                          robmbrown Level 1

                          Hi Mark, I really appreciate your response it's nice to know you can have some sort of dialog about some of these things. In response to your question I still think the basic insert logic needs some work. I did a short test just now and found some of the things that I keep seeing. I had a 5 minute source and set an in and out to give me 10 seconds duration and the sequence duration was about 12 seconds and hit insert. Then I got the insufficient media warning. - This is CC14 BTW. Then I found the preference for fit to fill where I would get the menu and ignore source out was grayed out even though there was way more media than I needed!


                          Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 9.07.45 AM.png


                          So for one I couldn't set the default I would like and two, if I did set it then how do I do a fit to fill when I want to? I have to go back in settings and find that button again? I looked and there doesn't appear to be a separate fit to fill function.


                          What I would suggest is:


                          Figure out why ignore source out is grayed out some times even when there is plenty of media. Sequence precedence is the standard that's used but many many editing systems and it makes sense.


                          Have it set in Premiere that if it is a still do not give a warning that there isn't enough media when there is obviously as much as you want.


                          You should only get an error if there is in fact not enough media. Then a dialog would make sense that said "Insufficient media. Would you like to fit to fill, loop to fill, or edit anyway?" where on the last one it would just go until it ran out.


                          Have fit to fill as a seperate function so when you do want that you can just have a short cut setup for that.



                          And another thing I've seen for a while. If you insert a clip into the timeline, then mark and in and out at the beginning and end of the clip you just inserted then double click on the clip in the timeline making it load up in the source viewer and then hit insert you get an insufficient frames error. Evidently the source viewer outs are inclusive and the seq is exclusive? The duration is exactly the same on source and seq.


                          I just tried that a couple more times and strangely it's intermittent. Doing the exact same process sometimes get the Insufficient media error sometimes it doesn't.

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                            this sounds like basic three point editing v. four point editing.


                            classic editing is 3 point editing...have an in and out on sequence and an in or out on source or do the reverse depending on how and what you're cutting...in and out on source and in or out on sequence. 


                            Once you give in and out on both source and sequence, then both parts have to be identical lengths...hard to do.

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                              Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                              Yes, but OP is not doing any 3 or 4 point editing.

                              He just wants to insert a clip at the very end of the timeline.

                              So somewhere on the timeline he needs to delete the in and outpoint.

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                                Mark Mapes Adobe Employee

                                No argument, Rob, that there's room for improvement in exactly the area you call out where source range is shorter than sequence range and the Ignore Source options are unavailable. We intended to address that as a bug fix a while back, but the changes involved turned out to be too big to undertake at that particular point in the cycle. At that point, it was converted from the bug queue to the feature backlog and has been working its way up the priority list. Without making any promises as to when we'll get to it, I can say it's now within sight of the top o' the list.

                                I'll look into the anomaly you report involving a clip that's used to set the In/Out range and then loaded into the source.

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