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    How can I change the default liquid page rule, preferably to off?

    PixelTacos Level 1

      To expand on this, I mostly create a set of pages in my document that are all the same size, I then create corresponding pages that are off all different sizes. These pages must be in the same document.


      So, you can imagine my frustration when I...


      • Forget to turn the liquid page rule to off,


      • Create 10 pages all off the same size,


      • Create a new page after than at a new size not realizing that all my previous page sizes have changed,


      • Carry on about my business only to realize 10 mins later that I have to either undo furiously or change the size of the pages back to it's original size (which is usually not a standard size so I end up undoing like mad)


      This happens because the default liquid page rule is set to master so when I change one, I change all. This would be ideal for a document that makes use of master pages, but I don't usually have a need for them so the setting just ends up as wasted time.


      Thanks for any help!