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    lightroom 5 slideshow music mac


      When I select music, I select an m4a audio file for a slideshow, yet lightroom tells me this is not a valid music file. (Same message for various m4a audio files.)

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          Had the same problem and seems to be fixed by:

          In the slideshow module go to      /PLAY menu/content ,    and check "use selected photos" option. If the "use all" option is checked it will not recognise music files. Odd.

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            ryanal Level 1

            Thanks for taking the time to respond. I don't think this was my problem. Besides the m4a audio file/slideshow problem, Lightroom wouldn't recognize any .mp4 files (which it had been doing). After consulting with Adobe support, I opened a New Catalog, and chose "Import from another catalog" (that other catalog being my old one). Both audio and video issues were fixed. Again, thanks for your help.