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    Indesign Data merge with multple amounts of images




      Allow me to illustrate what I'm trying to achieve:


      I'm making name cards with name & language on them for about 100 people.

      I know how to import the excel data for both text and images but here's the catch:

      We're working with 4 images, for 4 languages respectively. In my data sheet I would have the languages the person speaks marked. I could link each of those to the image of the flag in excel and pull those into Indesign.

      How can I set this up that it only pulls in the images of the languages that the person speaks AND in such a way that they align in the center. (So 3 images in case of 3 languages, aligned center, 1 for 1, aligned center)


      Is this an easy thing to do?


      All the help is appreciated!