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    Flash Player License Agreement: you've got to be **** kidding me!?


      After going through this experience every update, which only gets worse each time, I am now convinced that the only people using Adobe Flash Player are liars.

      Yes, liars. Because in order to install each update, we must check a box which states that we have read and understood the Flash Player License Agreement. And what happens when an honest person tries to fulfill this requirement?


      Clicking on the link takes you to a website. Ok. But you can't see it because your view is obscured by the flash player installation window which has an always-on-top property. At this point my opinion of Adobe is already in the toilet. But wait, it gets worse!


      You are taken to a page that has a ridiculous number of links without any indication of which ones you must agree to. Sure, there's one that says Adobe Flash Player (multiple actually), but there's also General Terms of Use, Fonts... do we have to agree to these as well? Do we have to agree to the entire page worth of licenses? How the heck is anyone supposed to know?


      Since we don't know, let's just assume that the one labelled Adobe Flash Player is the only one. Now we open it and guess what? It's in a PDF file. So we can't read it unless we agree to terms of another product. If that holds up in court then heaven help us.


      Now let's say that we have a PDF reader from another source and it is somehow able to open the file. Guess what, it's 304 pages long! That's not including the other documents that it cross-references. Even better, it starts off in Arabic and who knows how many other languages all crammed into the same PDF file and no way of knowing where the English one is without scrolling through the entire humongous document, which technically we are agreeing that we have understood in its entirety, which is basically impossible since no one actually knows all those languages, so how could they really know what they are reading? Anyone who does know all those languages must be doing more productive things with their time than sifting through this garbage every time Adobe patches their next gaping security hole.


      Even if I did read and understand it all, is there any way of knowing what parts changed since the last update? Nope, you gotta read it all again every single time. The probability that anyone is actually doing this is zero. So now you are training users to click through agreements without reading or understanding them, and then lie about it. I'm tired of going through this every update Adobe. This is it. Goodbye.


      The insanity of trying to read the Adobe Flash Player License Agreement