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    Why does the published swf output from Presenter 10 fail to play when the zip output is uploaded to my LMS?

    kenwulf Level 1

      On Win 7, using Presenter 10 the published output .swf (and associated files in the .zip collection) produces only a blank browser frame (both IE10 and Chrome) on upload and launch from the LMS. The index.html file is referencing two .js files that do not exist...


      <script src="./data/html/Project.js"></script>

      <script src="./data/resources/ha/wr_/OpenAjaxManagedHub-all.js"></script>


      Also, seem to be missing a presenter.css file in ./data/html I think the presenter.libs.js file is referencing.


      Are these files required for playback and correspondingly that's why only a blank browser frame is presented on the LMS launch?


      Is it possible that when I publish to my local these files are not being populated in the output .zip for some reason?


      Any help isolating the cause is much appreciated!