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    Moving a group of photos-leaves the last one

    TGalloway Level 1

      Not always, but most of time, if I select a group of photos in a folder, then drag and drop them into another folder, it will move all but the last one.

      Window pops up saying "There was an error copying files to the destination you selected. The following files could not be copies:"

      It will list the last one in the string of files selected.

      So then I just  move it anyway by itself and it works fine.


      1-It doesn't do it every time.

      2-Whether I use Drag and Drop or right click the folder and select "Move Selected Photos to this folder" makes no difference.


      LR 5.6 Latest updates

      Using Nikon NEF files.

      Custom built fast computer with 32 gigs of ram

      Win 7 Pro




      This have been happening since version 4.

      What's going on?