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        Michael BC Level 1

        For the University researcher, EndNote would be better. EndNote will enable you to create automatic bibliographies but has added advantages if irganizing papers in an automated as well as manual fashions. In addition it can retrieve the PDF of a reference automatically and attach it to that reference in the endnote library.


        Even with this workflow the loss of the organizer from Adobe Acrobat is huge. The ability to attach and email certain PDFs in this workflow requires an organizer to be built into the PDF program. In addition the PDF program needs not only to r a reader but also need to offer the ability to attach and save notes and make and save highlights.


        There is no substitute for endnote but maybe there is a substitute for Adobe acrobat? Anyone?

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          Stepic7 Level 1

          It seams Bridge would be the solution, implying one has to buy the whole Suite or at least Photoshop!!


          However this raises a series of questions:

          a) Is Bridge an organizer also for pdf files?

          b) does it work as a journal accounting of all the files opended and permitting a classification (for example subject, interesting ...)?

          c) another post refers to Endnote for organizing research articles. I use Mendeley which however does not have a journal keeping trak of opened pdf files. Does Endnote have this feature?


          and finally a last obvious question if the previous ones are verified

          d) why Acrobat users who did have this tool in previous versions (before vers 9 was available) cannot have the same feature, I mean Bridge for pdf files, as an addition without the need for buying either the Suite or Photoshop?



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            gener7 Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            a) You could organize pdfs in Bridge, even as collections, and you could have Favorite folders, but the problem is that while Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign documents are incorporated into Bridge History, PDFs are not.


            b) There are "keywords" you could assign to a PDF, and of course IPTC metadata such as the Subject and Author, but again no tracking of when PDF files were opened.


            c) I have not used Endnote, so I can't say anything there.


            d) Sadly, I found out while you can organize PDFs in Bridge, it doesn't come with Acrobat.


            I suppose for PDF file organization, it does not replace Organizer. One thing I liked was that organizer would remember PDFs you accessed online but did not download.


            I had thought Bridge might have been adequate,but after looking closer, not for academic papers.


            Mendeley might be closer for that. Here's how it compares with other software like it.




            It's free and cross-platform.



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              tsfg Level 1

              Not only for scientific users CITAVI (www.citavi.com) meight be an option (especially for Windows users)


              This package has an integrated preview and options for comments and extracting as well as organizing.


              But like all of this literature management tools it is different to a history which logs all opened Files.


              I am not quite sure whether it would be possible to add this functionality to the Bridge...

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                tsfg Level 1

                And again :


                I don't understand why ADOBE does't put the package to a free community based development.


                Might be under a special license which allows them to include the package as they want to the product again and then bring it back to closed source as long as it is included in the standard installation option...


                Please Adode development and product management give it a chance, it could be an option for other features in other products as well ;-)


                I could think about participating in a making the changes, but I will not develop the wheel again.

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                  try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                  To anyone interested in returning the File History functionality to Acrobat/Reader, I've just finished developing a tool that does just that. For more information about it you can contact me by PM or email (try6767 [at] gmail.com).

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                    George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                    Adobe just released an update to Acrobat/Reader 11 that includes a new feature that significantly enhances the recently open files list, as described in the release notes: 11.0.09 Planned update, Sept 16, 2014 — Acrobat and Adobe Reader Release Notes


                    This brings back a lot of the functionality that was available with the former History feature.

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