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    text on whole pixels

      Is there an easy fix to having text on whole pixels to avoid the fuzzy look of text? It gets really annoying having to manually input the text x,y coordinates to make sure they are on whole pixels. i have tried using the "snap to pixel" and that does not work. Any help please!

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          > Is there an easy fix to having text on whole pixels to avoid
          > the fuzzy look of text?

          Depending on your version of Flash, you can choose the new (since Flash
          8) font rendering mode, "Anti-alias for readability," from the Property
          inspector. That often makes quite a difference on how the font appears,
          especially in small sizes. You could also try using a device font (the ones
          with the underscore, _ , in front of their names.

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            i know what you are talking about. even with "snap to pixels" turned on, the text tool will initially place your text box on a non-integer value along the x or y axis, or even both. also, when dragging your text box, the same thing can occur. the only thing i can tell you is to just drag the text box where you want it and then delete any decimal values resulting from the translation. you can also move the text box ten pixels at a time by holding down the shift key while using an arrow key. do remember though, your text box should always be sitting on integer values if you want the text within to look its best.
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              are you sure that you are using a static box?

              if you really want dynamic text then remember to embed the fint outlines. click on the embed button in the properties insp. once the textfield is selected. Highlight the characters you will need.