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    Export to Kindle


      I use InDesign CS6 and when I export to Kindle the TOC is empty. How can I do?

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          Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

          Does the TOC appear when you export to ePub from InDesign CS6?

          Have you tried validating the resulting ePub: http://validator.idpf.org

          How are you creating the MOBI file, are you using the InDesign to Kindle plugin?

          Is it the navigational or HTML TOC that's not appearing?



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            pooja2087 Adobe Employee



            Kindle requires a separate html file for toc and same should be referenced in guide element in content.opf. In your InDesign CS6/CC document, generate table of contents on a page and make sure the option "Make text anchor in source paragraph" is checked.

            Now export the file to EPUB 3. Open EPUB in Sigil (It is a free EPUB editor from Google). Goto Tools menu->Table of contents->Generate HTML Table of Content. This will create a new xhtml file and automatically add guide element in content.opf like this:


                <reference href="Text/Untitled-21.xhtml" title="Table Of Contents" type="toc" />


            Save EPUB and directly open in Kindle Previewer. TOC option should be enabled now and should be working.

            Please try it out and let me know if it works.




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