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    grater than, less than Java script

    James A Hiltz CET Level 1

      The following greater than and less than java scrip which is not functioning.

      if anyone has an idea on how to fix it or accomplish the same result by a different code I an all ears.



      // Get the field values, as numbers


      var mtp = +getField("MT-Plus").value;

      var mtm = +getField("MT-Minus").value;

      var opm = +getField("Op_M_P_1").value;

      var mp = +getField("M_P_1").value


      if ((mtm + opm) < mp > (mtp + opm))

          event.value = "Fail";


      if ((mtm + opm) > mp < (mtp + opm))

          event.value = "Pass";