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    Installation Failure Error

    Bill Paris

      Adobe premiere Elements 12 - Setup:

      Message: The installation process has encountered an error while installing.

      Appears to have failed during installation of required common files.

      Windows 7 rollback occurs & troubleshoot fix file delete is no help.

      Any ideas on how to deal with this ?

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Are you using the required Administrator account?

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            A.T. Romano Level 7

            Bill Paris


            Are you installing the program from installation files from a purchased download or from an installation disc that came with the box packaging of the

            product? If installation from an online download, how many files are you using...exe and 7z or other?


            Of course, beforehand, make sure

            a. Latest version of QuickTime installed on this computer

            b. Running program from a User Account with Administrative Privileges

            c. Antivirus and firewall(s) are disabled.


            Suggested troubleshooting steps...


            1. Check Control Panel/Program to assure that no part of Adobe Premiere Elements 12 is listed under installed program.

            2. Do a free ccleaner run through to get rid of any leftovers from incomplete installs or reinstalls.


            3. Reinstall the program with the antivirus and firewall(s) disabled.


            Let us see the outcome from the above and then decide what next.


            Thank you.



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              Bill Paris Level 1

              "Premiere Elements 12 would be expected to

              install and run on Windows 7 64 bit."


              ..... I'd like to believe it can install,.. but at this point I Do Not !


              Adobe premiere Elements 12 - Setup:

              The installation process has encountered an error while installing


              Failed for the 9th time after all requirements for troubleshooting and advise from the forum have been met and tried with the same outcome.


              Loading for required shared technologies files stalls, then error message & rollback. 


              Using: an installation disc that came with packaged product from a retailer


              Using: MS Window 7 64-bit SP1

              AMD FX-8120 Eight Core Processor 3.89 GHz,

              16 GB RAM, ATI FirePro V5800 (FireGL)


              If it won't install this software is useless !!,.. so if you have any more ideas how to resolve this... let me know what's next !

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                A.T. Romano Level 7

                Bill Paris


                Thanks for the reply.


                Your mention of "Shared Technologies" in your latest post set up a flare.


                If you prime issue in the Shared Technologies one, then you are facing a difficult challenge. The Shared Technologies installation stoppage is

                not restricted to a particular version of Premiere Elements or computer operating system. I have been there and through that and was ready

                to give up many time when a particular fix got me beyond Shared Technologies.


                The remedy that has worked for we the last 3 times has happened to me as been the renaming of the OOBE Folder from OOBE to OLDOOBE.

                Have you been there and done that?

                Local Disk C

                Program Files (x86)

                Common Files


                and in the Adobe Folder is the OOBE Folder that you rename.


                The above does not come with a 100% guarantee. There are many fixes reported for this specific type of installation issue.

                Some suggest copying the content of the installation disc to the computer desktop and trying to install the program from the installation files saved to the desktop.


                The following is the Adobe document on the subject

                Photoshop Elements/Install rollback and Shared Technologies I Windows

                (Shared Technologies issue can present for Photoshop Elements as well as Premiere Elements, as the link mentions)

                Install rollback and Shared Technologies | Windows


                Please review and consider and then let us know the outcome.


                Thank you.



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                  Bill Paris Level 1



                      Thanks for trying to help,.. but I've tried all all suggestions and nothing works !!  After a dozen attempted fixes,.. and way to many hours spent on an installation that should take minutes,.. I've come to the conclusion that after paying for this product,... it is completely useless.  I see that the new version 13 has a new format for dealing with all the many error codes generated in dealing with failed installations,.. good luck with that !



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                    A.T. Romano Level 7



                    Thanks for the replies.


                    Shared Technologies error is not an easy one to overcome. As I said,  have been there, but managed to find a way after many ups and downs and up


                    I know that your Premiere Elements 12 is not the latest version which is a typical requirement for Adobe via its Adobe Chat intervention, but

                    have you considered contacting Adobe via its Adobe Chat to see what it could do for you "free".

                    Contact Customer Care

                    Premiere Elements

                    Adobe ID, Signing In

                    Aodbe ID, Sign In, Account Help

                    Chat Panel

                    If the link does not hold its set, then you will need to navigate to the Chat Panel using the above titles as guides.

                    The link is set for the above titles which are not ideal, but will get you to an active Chat Panel, hopefully for help from an Adobe Staff representative to help you outright or to transfer you to an active Chat Panel for your specific problem. The "Ask the Community" choice leads you back to the Adobe Premiere Elements Forum.


                    Please consider.


                    Thank you.



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                      Bill Paris Level 1



                           FYI ..... As a last attempt to install I came to the conclusion that I needed to think of a solution that was "outside of the box" .... in this case outside of the operating system.  As it turns out,.. the software installed on Vista on the first try. After 11 fixes all with installation failure errors my conclusion is that Adobe has failed to deliver the product for Windows 7..... No one in their right mind should attempt this.  I can only hope that version 13 has addressed this issue.

                      Thanks for helping me finally see the light,

                      Bill Paris

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                        A.T. Romano Level 7



                        Great news that you got Premiere Elements 12 installed on Windows Vista 64 bit in spite of the setbacks in doing that on Windows 7 64 bit.

                        The major thought in that success is that you now have 12 on Vista as a 32 bit application, not 64 bit application as you would have had

                        for 12 specifically on Window 7, 8, or 8.1 64 bit. All that will impact your computer resources related to dealing with the large size projects and

                        the more resource demanding formats.


                        I have never used Windows  Vista. I have used Windows XP, 7, 8, and 8.1. And, I have run into Shared Technologies at one time or another

                        for 10, 11, and 12 on Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 64 bit. But, the when is not predictable. The same installation files may be a horror to install (Shared

                        Technologies error) one time and another time on same computer no problem.


                        As for version 13, my only experience has been via the online download of the tryout installation files. And, that went smoothly (browser Firefox

                        v. 32.0.3. and Windows 7 and 8.1 64 bit).