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    Lightroom with cloud storage, NOT synced


      I have nearly 1TB of photos and videos.  With Google (& the rest of the world) reaching a $10/month price for 1TB cloud storage, I want to put all of this media into the cloud and get it off of my PCs.  I do not want to use desktop sync because then every computer I use needs 1TB of disk space just to hold media that I hardly ever access.  But I do want to have all of those photos and videos cataloged, tagged, and searchable.


      Ideally, the catalog itself should be synced to my desktops so that I can search through my collection quickly, but the photos should be stored only in the cloud, unless I actually open a photo to view or edit.  Then it should temporarily be copied locally, and any edits pushed back to the cloud when I'm done.


      Can Lightroom work like this?  Is there any program out there that can?