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        M Shaw Adobe Employee

        If your non-Wacom device worked in previous versions, does creating the PSUserConfig file described above bring pressure back in CC2014?

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          Level 7

          If you are not using a Wacom tablet, then you need to talk to your tablet maker - it sounds like they have even more bugs in their drivers.

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            PauloRomero Level 1

            I'll try to create the PSUserConfig file as M Shaw suggested. Then i tell you it worked.

            Thanks for now.

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              Beachsweeper Level 1

              "And Wacom functions are working for most people. Those who have trouble with it usually need to update their Wacom drivers, or enable the Ink setting in the Wacom control panel."




              I HAVE the latest Wacom driver for my tablet (v 6.3.8-4), an Intuos 4. I downloaded and installed it when I noticed this problem. I did NOT make any difference.


              I DID have on the previous driver, and STILL HAVE on this driver, the 'Use Windows Ink' option ENABLED. Yet my stylus always worked correctly BEFORE PS CC 2014, and does NOT work with PS CC 2014.


              Therefore, I must conclude this combination of factors that you cited cannot be the source of MY problem... and I thus suspect it's not the source of others', either.


              I can only HOPE that SOMEONE (Adobe? Wacom?) is working on a solution, and will soon release a patch to either/or/and PS CC 2014 ("PS CC 2014 AUGUST?" ;-) ) and the Wacom driver.



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                Level 7

                Beachsweeper - contact Wacom and they can work with you to determine what is going wrong with your driver software.


                Photoshop CC 2014 is working just fine with most tablets, and for most users with Wacom tablets.

                We have seen a few people with corrupt driver installs, or problems with older driver installs.

                And some of the knockoff tablet makers still have some driver bugs to work out.

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                  M Shaw Adobe Employee

                  @Beachsweeper- I am having difficulty determining what exactly is not working for you based on your previous posts, can you clarify?

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                    PauloRomero Level 1

                    The PSUserConfig file worked to me. Thanks guys and special thanks to M Shaw for help.

                    Greetings from Brazil!

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                      Victor Wolansky Level 2

                      The text file works, but what I do not understand is why it does not work if Photoshop is opened by Lightroom. If I start Photoshop manually and then do an edit copy with LR changes and the image is opened in the Photoshop is already running, then I have pressure sensitivity. But if Photoshop is not ruining, and is opened by Lightroom, then Photoshop does not recognize the Wacom as a pressure sensitive device....


                      is the fact that Photoshop is opened by Lightroom making it skip to read the preferences of the text file???



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                        twinbrush Level 2

                        I couldn't agree more! having wondows ink unchecked is the only way to navigate around the rest of a computer without serious lag or unworkable conditions completely...I've never noticed any issue in strokes with windows ink unchecked and to be honest I have the gut feeling the difference is so microscopic it exists only on a spec database somewhere and isn't something anyone has every visually noticed.

                        I'm going back to CC without any hesitation until this issue is sorted.

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                          twinbrush Level 2

                          I could be wrong here but I'm not really sure it's a paying customers job to check and flag issues with another hardwarde vendor (eg Wacom) after recieving a software update. Surely that's something you'd check when developing and testing the software before releasing it? I would have asumed Wacom and Adobe would have a pretty good working relationship considering the vast majoirty of proefessional users rely on both companies products symbiotically..seems like this update was pushed out without really testing it thoroughly from a users point of view, I mean pen pressure is one of the fundemental features; and considering it worked perfectly fine in CC with windows ink unchecked...it just seems like a very bizarre feature to adjust in the 2014 relase.

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                            Victor Wolansky Level 2

                            It is certainly annoying, specially if you use it along with Lightroom because the fix does not work if Photoshop is opened via Lightroom.


                            Windows Ink might work for the masses that use Windows for playing. But for people that makes a living using Photoshop and Wacom, Windows Ink is something to seriously harms the usability of the computer. Many programs used by visual effects companies do not work with Windows ink ON. 3DSMAX, Cinema 4D, Syntheyes, PFtrack, Mocha, etc etc, need a lag free pen and having a working middle click is a must, 2 things that get broken as soon as you turn ON Windows Ink.


                            Sent from the Moon

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                              Beachsweeper Level 1

                              Attn ADOBE Forum Mod: IMO also, THIS ISSUE is NOT ANSWERED.


                              [BTW, I did try the PSUserConfigFile (why not? ;-) ), but it did not work (even tried not only restarting but powering down, too! ;-) ).]


                              How can this be a WACOM (only) problem, if non-Wacom-tablet users are having problems with the PS CC 2014 update.

                              How can this be a Win 8+ problem, since I am using Win 7.

                              How can this be a 'Windows Ink' issue, since it was in the Wacom driver (checked) that I was using PRIOR to the PS CC 2014 update, and all was well WRT this issue THEN.

                              How can this be a Wacom driver update issue, since I did update my Wacom driver after I noticed this issue, yet it did NOT correct the problem.

                              How could this be a PS use-in-general issue, since it did not occur with me with PS CS6 nor PS CC (fortunately I have both of these still installed).


                              IMO, the ONLY thing each of us has in common is: things starting not working (with me it's pen pressure) ONLY with the release of PS CC 2014. So, I gotta conclude (tech dummie that I am) it's something wrong with THAT. Please fix it, Adobe?


                              I have been a member of NAPP (Natl Assn of Photoshop Professionals) -- now Kelby One -- for years now, so I think I am going to try to get some advocacy from there on this, FWIW.

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                                OlderThanDirt51 Level 1

                                Microsoft continues to be their own worst enemy!!!  Microsoft is only concerned with serving their own (Windows Products).  Part of the problem now is the finger pointing dealing with Microsoft, Adobe and Wacom with the users in the middle.   I have a newer Intuos 5.  Worked great when I got it, even with Windows 8.1.  When it stopped working, I chose to deal with Wacom.  My mistake!  I only want Photoshop to work with the tablet.  I found unchecking "Use Windows Ink" and adding the PSUserConfig.txt file solved all my problems.  Thanks.

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                                  Beachsweeper Level 1

                                  I am a Win 7 user. I tried UNCHECKING Windows Ink in my Wacom driver (v 6.3.8-4) for my Intuos 4 for the PS CC 2014 ONLY. I also put the PSUserConfig.txt file where M Shaw (se thread above) directed. Restarted PS CC 2014, of course. Here's my result:


                                  My stylus-pen does work for whether pen pressure is checked or not FOR PaintBrush and for CloneBrush (etc) BUT does NOT work for SpotHealingBrush!


                                  Whereas I now am not sure whether the other tools did or did not work correctly before this latest attempt <sigh>, I AM SURE that the SpotHealingBrush DID NOT and STILL DOES NOT. This is the tool/operation that I must have corrected for me to use CC 2014 as my default version, since I use this tool on every file I work on.


                                  For now, I must use CC as my default, which means I don't have available the new features... and I'm even forgetting about them because they are not right there to remind me. One of the selling points for us to have a subscription is to have the newest features available to us 'immediately'... but a bug like this which makes the program functionally unusable keeps them from us.



                                  [FWIW, upthread I mentioned that I would be contacting KelbyOne (formerly National Assn of Photoshop Professionals)'s Help Desk for their assistance, as I am a member thereof, but all I got there is -- wait for it! -- they told me to take it to Wacom. Don't you just love it when these companies refer us to each other? ;-) ]


                                  [Another FWIW: almost certainly not related, I received an invite from Adobe to be an 'Adobe Customer Advisor', which I agreed to and participated in a survey -- but the confidential content of which had nothing to do with this topic of this thread. Alas, because I was hoping there would be an opportunity to provide input about Adobe's responsiveness to problems such as this.]


                                  My husband is co-director of a regional photography club, and too many of them have yet to get much into post-processing. I have attempted to entice them to consider using Adobe products, and am the first to use the subscription program. At this point, I would not be able to give Adobe as it is today an unqualified endorsement (since being a subscriber, there was a problem I was having with the PS CC version -- which never really got answered so much as fellow users assisted with a workaround, though I was hoping a later version would address this).

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                                    venta coches segunda mano Level 1

                                    Same error here, any ideas?

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                                      M Shaw Adobe Employee

                                      The windows API changes are Windows 8 specific, Windows 7 still uses the WInTab implementation. That means creating the PSUserConfig file for UseSystemStylus setting will not have any effect. On Windows 7 you should be able to use with or without Windows Ink enabled at your discretion. Regarding the Spot Healing Brush and pressure, do you have the option enabled from the option bar brush picker? When you bring up the popup is there a warning triangle next to the Size setting?

                                      • 57. Re: Photoshop cc 2014 incompatible with Wacom ?
                                        OlderThanDirt51 Level 1

                                        Windows 7 works great, no problems.  Originally worked with 8.1 also.  Following some Microsoft change with Window 8.1, I would get a mouse movement using the Pen, but no click, double click, or pan/scroll, for any application, including Photoshop.  I have two pens and both performed the same.  Finally, I checked "Use Windows Ink" for Applications and Photoshop, problem resolved ... except the pressure sensitivity.  Yes, triangles displayed for "Pen Pressure" even when "Use Windows Ink" was UNCHECKED.  Once I added the PSUserConfig.txt file, triangles disappeared beside "Pen Pressure" and pressure worked.  Problem solved, but required BOTH, at least for me.

                                        • 58. Re: Photoshop cc 2014 incompatible with Wacom ?
                                          Beachsweeper Level 1


                                          First off, thanks for the suggestion about the Tool Options bar, but I am experienced with the use of the Pen Pressure option and checking/unchecking it repeatedly did not have any effect.


                                          Secondly, I do not get any 'triangles' for the pop-up... because, if the user is like me and takes advantage of the swipe-pen-to-left/right/up/down to control size/softness of one's stylus brush, then one does not use the pop-up.


                                          But I went looking for it, with the Wacom mouse's right-click button (I rarely use the stylus' right-click button), and found... no, not any triangles, BUT I did notice the drop-down for size, and it was set on Pen Pressure (it must have come this way, as I have not used this drop-down dialog, at least in this PS version) EVEN THOUGH my Tool Option Bar's Pen Pressure was set to OFF. Hmmm, so I tried the drop-down list to off, then back On, and made the Options Bar to On... and once those both MATCHED, the stylus was working CORRECTLY. I checked again with checking the Tool Options Bar off and on, and seeing if the drop-down's setting matched, and it DID, and the stylus worked appropriately.


                                          So, I conclude that somehow this drop-down's setting must have overridden whatever the Tool Options Bar's setting was? Or maybe whenever the Tool Options Bar's setting was unchecked, the pop-up's setting got 'stuck' in that setting and never changed out of it when I later tried to make the Tool Option Bar's setting checked again (etc)? I have had -- in PS all along I think, earlier versions -- cases where one has to click outside of a setting button to get that setting to 'take' (ie, blue outline of the button persisted otherwise).


                                          I am going to revert my Wacom driver setting back to the way it came, with Windows Ink checked, whether it's relevant to me or not. I am also going to take the PSUserConfig.txt file out of the PS CC 2014 Setting directory, unless there's any reason for ME to keep it there.


                                          THANKS for this suggestion!  At this point, I THINK this takes care of MY problem. (If not, this forum will know. ;-) )


                                          I have been eager to get back to my usual workflow, of starting out in LR and then jumping from there directly into PS (it defaults to the latest version UNLESS one already has another version open, as you know), and to seeing how I can make use of the latest features.

                                          • 59. Re: Photoshop cc 2014 incompatible with Wacom ?
                                            Debalbe Level 1

                                            Can someone explain the fix to a computer idiot? I cannot add Lightroom or PS 2014 to my INtuos Pro since updates.

                                            • 60. Re: Photoshop cc 2014 incompatible with Wacom ?
                                              JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                                              Debalbe wrote:


                                              Can someone explain the fix to a computer idiot? I cannot add Lightroom or PS 2014 to my INtuos Pro since updates.

                                              Which fix and what is you problem adding application preferences into your Wacom Intuos Pro environment.  Not to mention Platform and OS version.


                                              Supply pertinent information for quicker answers

                                              The more information you supply about your situation, the better equipped other community members will be to answer. Consider including the following in your question:

                                              • Adobe product and version number
                                              • Operating system and version number
                                              • The full text of any error message(s)
                                              • What you were doing when the problem occurred
                                              • Screenshots of the problem
                                              • Computer hardware, such as CPU; GPU; amount of RAM; etc.
                                              • 61. Re: Photoshop cc 2014 incompatible with Wacom ?
                                                Victor Wolansky Level 2

                                                this is really messing our workflow badly....  the fix posted here works for a while but eventually it stops working, and you loose the pen pressure....   Why you have to brake things that were working perfectly???

                                                • 62. Re: Photoshop cc 2014 incompatible with Wacom ?
                                                  Victor Wolansky Level 2

                                                  Just add the fix posted here, then Alt+Tab to Lightroom, when you Alt+Tab to Photoshop again, the pressure sensitivity is gone...

                                                  • 63. Re: Photoshop cc 2014 incompatible with Wacom ?
                                                    henaspo Level 1

                                                    PSUserConfig.txt worked for me to get rid of the pressure and pen's right-click lag BUT now the mouse lag is back.


                                                    Switching from the pen to the mouse, the mouse will have a big lag. The very first time you use the mouse after the pen, its fine, but every time after that it has the lag. That only happens in the canvas though, on all the menus is fine.


                                                    Its been around since first CC, CS6 didnt have it. I wonder when this problem will get fixed, cause its just as annoying. Its like we have to choose which problem we want to deal with.


                                                    any thoughts on the mouse lag problem?

                                                    • 64. Re: Photoshop cc 2014 incompatible with Wacom ?
                                                      Hadyn Lander Level 1

                                                      My thoughts exactly. I thank the Adobe staff for their suggestions. It's great that there's some sort of fix, but I imagine plenty of other users with the same problem simply don't know how to troubleshoot it, and/or haven't stumbled upon this thread yet.


                                                      For clarity on the specific issues I'm facing:

                                                      • Cintiq 13HD with Wacom 6.3.8-4 drivers
                                                      • Photoshop 20140730.r.148 x64
                                                      • Win 8.1 x64 - latest updates installed


                                                      If "Use Windows Ink" is checked, the pen right-click in PS won't activate unless the pen is moved (roughly 15px from the initial click position) whilst holding the right-click button. Single clicks on GUI elements - such as drop-down menus - only register after the pen is lifted from the screen or moved by a similar arbitrary distance, rather than as soon as the pen makes contact.


                                                      Un-checking "Use Windows Ink" fixes these problems, but the pressure and tilt sensitivity cease to work shortly after. In the Wacom tablet settings I can see that the tablet is definitely still reading pressure correctly, it just stops working in Photoshop.


                                                      I understand this may be an issue with Windows Ink more than Photoshop, but even so - it shouldn't be the end-user's responsibility to fix such compatibility issues. It was Adobe's decision to make the shift to the new drivers.


                                                      For now I'm going to try the PSUserConfig fix - but even if that works, I don't think this should be written off as a 'fringe' problem by Adobe. It seems common enough to warrant more action than a few forum posts.

                                                      • 65. Re: Photoshop cc 2014 incompatible with Wacom ?
                                                        studiorobb Level 1

                                                        hadyn - i very much agree. the PSUserConfig fix was a good work-around for my issues, but, it was just that: a work-around, not a true fix.


                                                        i haven't noticed Mac users making a similar complaint though. makes the cynic in me wonder if Adobe and Microsoft aren't the BFFs that they used to be and that they're currently engaged in a staring contest to see who will blink first...   (¬,¬;)

                                                        • 66. Re: Photoshop cc 2014 incompatible with Wacom ?
                                                          glitchbit Level 1

                                                          That's certainly the truth. Ever since 2007 users have been begging Adobe to add support for MS Ink APIs, but for 7 years those requests have fallen on deaf ears. You finally do it and now the old Wintab implementation gets buggy, and I've jumped ship from ntrig to wacom, so this will be interesting.

                                                          • 67. Re: Photoshop cc 2014 incompatible with Wacom ?
                                                            Level 7

                                                            Actually we worked very closely with Microsoft to get the tablet support working in Windows 8 and moving to the MS Ink APIs (which needed a few tweaks and workarounds).

                                                            • 68. Re: Photoshop cc 2014 incompatible with Wacom ?
                                                              Bo0nta Level 1

                                                              just ran into this exact issue with ps cc 2014 and windows 8.1 . PSUserConfig.txt worked fine.


                                                              To Adobe: If this is to be the default going forward for Windows 8 systems and CC can you PLEASE talk to Microsoft and get them to implement a SIMPLE ONE CLICK method of removing all pen feedback in windows. This now makes the great and simple Wacom driver checkbox "use windows ink" kinda usless if we are to abide by this new default.  And will need you to work with Microsoft to get a proper solution so we don't have to deal with registry fixes and gpedit.msc changes that don't really solve all the issues.


                                                              no ripple.. no right click and hold hover etc etc..

                                                              • 69. Re: Photoshop cc 2014 incompatible with Wacom ?
                                                                Victor Wolansky Level 2

                                                                Couldn't said it better.


                                                                Thanks to put it so clear.


                                                                Sent from the Moon

                                                                • 70. Re: Photoshop cc 2014 incompatible with Wacom ?
                                                                  AndPeroty Level 1

                                                                  TY man! That was the only solution that I found to keep pressure and disable Windows Ink.


                                                                  Windows Ink is a horrible API. Is laggy, especially with the Pen Tool(p), and have issues like the right click commented above.

                                                                  • 71. Re: Photoshop cc 2014 incompatible with Wacom ?
                                                                    malo24 Level 1

                                                                    Have another issue concerning pressure sensitivity with WACOM Intuos III - painting with use of the watercolor brushes and very less pressure on the pen, PS do suddenly thick straight lines! Same issue some other like customized hair brushes - thick straight lines depending on the shape of the brush. It's vrey annoying to do a step back all 5 to 10 strokes - mainly with hair...

                                                                    And yes, i did all the workarounds above;-)


                                                                    ADOBE where is the update???

                                                                    • 72. Re: Photoshop cc 2014 incompatible with Wacom ?
                                                                      chmtse Level 1

                                                                      I'm having that issue too, but i think it's an issue on Wacom's side. They

                                                                      recently updated their drivers and after I updated, the bug you've just

                                                                      explained started to happen (only on my cintiq companion).






                                                                      e: caiyen.tse@gmail.com | w: www.artofcai.com

                                                                      • 73. Re: Photoshop cc 2014 incompatible with Wacom ?
                                                                        malo24 Level 1

                                                                        Hi Cai,


                                                                        thanks - hmm, but i didn't update my drivers last time .. i have a feeling that all that sudden problems are Adobe based ... Did you already report this issue to wacom directy? If yes, what did they say?


                                                                        have fun,


                                                                        • 74. Re: Photoshop cc 2014 incompatible with Wacom ?
                                                                          ARG! Level 1

                                                                          C:\Users\[User Name]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC 2014\ is not a file path on my system.

                                                                          I am running windows 8.1 64bit OS

                                                                          I have unchecked the "use windows ink" option in my Wacom preferences and still I have no pressure sensitivity.


                                                                          Is there any other location I can install this instruction file?

                                                                          • 75. Re: Photoshop cc 2014 incompatible with Wacom ?
                                                                            Level 7

                                                                            That is your user directory, so that path had better exist.


                                                                            And if the Wacom driver is not working, contact Wacom for help in getting their driver working.

                                                                            • 76. Re: Photoshop cc 2014 incompatible with Wacom ?
                                                                              ARG! Level 1

                                                                              I feel stupid for not trying it earlier but I found my AppData was a hidden folder as well as all sub directories.

                                                                              Thanks for the fast response.

                                                                              • 77. Re: Photoshop cc 2014 incompatible with Wacom ?
                                                                                mattleese87 Level 1

                                                                                Thank you! I do believe that worked for my issue as well!

                                                                                • 78. Re: Photoshop cc 2014 incompatible with Wacom ?
                                                                                  jimmimyers Level 1

                                                                                  I have windows 8.1, Wacom Intuos 5, Photoshop CC 2014, and just downloaded the latest driver for tablet. I have been playing with the windows link in the mapping window, I have gotten my pressure back, for a couple minutes, but totally lose my right click option. So frustrating. AND, the little circle splash animations come back to my stylus. I have been using Photoshop and wacom together for years. I am about to end my relationship if the bugs are not fixed. How am I expected to draw or paint with now pressure or right click? And the little circles make me want to murder. Please help.


                                                                                  Frustrated and behind schedule with angry clients.

                                                                                  • 79. Re: Photoshop cc 2014 incompatible with Wacom ?
                                                                                    ben_towle Level 1

                                                                                    No, this is not a resolved issue, nor will it get resolved by the continual blame-shifting to Wacom.


                                                                                    I don't have a Wacom product, yet I have this exact problem with Photoshop 2014 running on Win 8.1 with my Yiynova msp19u. Pressure sensitivity works 100% in literally every other drawing app I run--and I run a bunch of them. This machine is literally one week old and all the drivers and software are freshly installed this past week.


                                                                                    It would be really helpful if Adobe would own this issue and try to get to the bottom of it.


                                                                                    I'm installing Photoshop CC right now to see if this bug is present in the older version.




                                                                                    Pen pressure works perfectly fine in the previous version, PS CC.