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    Creating GIF in photoshop?


      Hi Guys


      been dabbling in some photoshop, nothing major, but have been using it more recently creating my own business cards, and flyers for my phone repairs. Now I would like to start a website, I seen a few templates, and came across a GIF, and thought it would be great to animate my Logo as a gif, it's basically a blue power button, but want the effect of it glowing off and on, then repeat.


      But when I google to create a GIF, they all show how to create one from movie clips.


      I already have my layers for the logo, and am assuming I will have to make several in stages of it getting dimmer.


      Do I need to save all of these individually as JPEG, PSD? Is it actually possible to do?

      My experience is basically a novice, I can follow youtube tutorials and that's about it, so I would need pretty detailed tutorials on how this would work (if possible)


      I'm using CS6.


      Many Thanks