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    Need help for school! Imported images suddenly pixelated (CS6, Windows)


      Hi guys,


      Adobe InDesign CS6 Windows I'm a frequent user of InDesign, but I now suddenly am facing problems. Note: I use InDesign not only for print material, but also for creating PDF. I therefore do not necessarily need 300 dpi. Before: copy + paste from Photoshop or even web images into InDesign used to work. The images looked fine on screen and while printing. Now, when I import or copy + paste, all images look pixelated at 100%, high quality and overprint preview. It looks like InDesign is importing images 25% larger than their original size. If I resize the imported image to 75%, the image looks normal. 100% is always pixelated now! Did I mess up some sort op setting? I never had this problem before. Please help me, need this for school assignment!


      Thanks in advance,