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    Persistent color samplers on next ACRaw edition

    Pedro Cortez Marques Level 3

      Why does color samplers created inside Cameraraw plugin just desapear when the image is edited again on cameraraw?

      For example, I can have smart objects in a photoshop layer that could be re-edited on cameraraw whenever I want, keeping the layer.

      When I do it again, they don't exist anymore.


      This is happening also on CC2014.


      Adobe has done one of major plugins like ACRaw I am using for years. Its a great, excellent work.

      Even now, there are so many people that doesn't fully understood the big advantages on using it well and complementing their photoshop edition using first camerawraw for raw files.

      Adobe can be really proud about this stunning plugin and its integration with XMP.


      It's just a pity that there is not complete interconnection of cameraraw tools with photoshop tool like color samplers.