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    LR doesn't see TIFF files to import

    robgendreau Level 3

      I use an Android tablet to pre-process images. I saved a bunch back to the SD card into the same folder with the original RAW files and some newly created XMP files generated by the tablet. Then I removed the SD card and put it in a card reader on my Mac, and imported into LR 5.6.


      LR only saw the ORF RAW files. It imported those, and the XMP data, successfully. But it never saw the TIFFS nor did it give me the option to import. I used the Finder to copy them to the Mac's filesystem, pointed LR at that folder, and it imported them successfully (although I forgot to have it move them to the same directory as the RAWs). I have successfully generated tons of TIFFs from within LR, and I've probably imported many as well, although truth be told I'm not sure.


      What's the problem? is there a setting I missed somewhere? something about the format of the SD card (formatted in camera, so I assume Fat32).