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    Syncing Settings via Dropbox - Symlinks vs Shortcuts?

    zlovatt Adobe Community Professional

      For a long time now, I've been syncing my presets, scripts, plugins and workspaces between computers & AE versions via Dropbox (always PC, but the theory stands).

      For this, I've been using symlinks; for some reason I figured using simple shortcuts wouldn't be picked up properly, especially with respect to software installers.


      I'm doing a writeup of how I do it, and in the process I've come to question whether the symlinks are even necessary, or whether a shortcut/alises is robust enough to do this with. Can anyone provide any input, on the tech side?


      Also-- for workspaces, I've been syncing both ModifiedWorkspaces as well as OriginalUserWorkspaces, to sync layouts. Are they both necessary, or only one or the other?


      Other than these, I'm aware of (and will pass on) compatibility issues with presets made in newer versions, plugins between post-CC and pre-CC installs, mediacore, doubling plugins, etc.