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    Rbavis Level 1
      I have tried to uninstall my CF (which was included in the Studio 8 Suite) from my laptop and at some point may want to reinstall(at a later date). When I try to uninstall, the initial process of "closing windows services" continues forever and seemingly will not finish that initial process. I have waited hours...

      Any ideas/advice??

      I am running MS XP Pro

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          pcbrown Level 1
          I havent' experienced that behavior myself, but you might want to manually stop the relevant CF services before beginning the uninstall.

          Start - Settings - Control panel - Administrative Tools - Services

          They'll be fairly clearly labelled. Right-click them and select "Stop."

          That might grease the wheels...
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            Sankalan Level 1
            This is one way to uninstall CF,

            Else you can try and double click on "Uninstall Adobe ColdFusion 8.exe" present inside "C:\ColdFusion8\uninstall". Here "C:\ColdFusion8" is the ColdFusion installation drive.

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              Rbavis Level 1
              Using the uninstall in the program file folder does not work, nor shutting off CF "services" first (see member PCBrown).

              Has anyone actually uninstalled CF-7? I am curious how long it takes. I remember it took a long time to install. I've waited over 90 minutes but it each time I have tried it seemed to be "hung", and it froze all other windows...requiring a hard shut down.

              The Techs say they can't (won't?) help and tell me I should contact customer service (yeh right...)

              FYI: I also have noticed that when I open Homesite+ , the App fails to connect to the (correct) associated CF server url (which is??). Could this prevent UNinstallation? AND when I try to directly access the remote server via the double clicking the FTP/RDS globe icon it also says it could not connect.

              Note: I installed CF (& the other Apps in Studio 8) back in January but never got around to using CF (I am currently not quite "up to speed" to use it)

              Any additional assistance would be MUCH appreciated!!


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                Sandeeppaliwal Level 2
                Before you run uninstaller, first manually shutdown all CF services. Then try to uninstall.